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“American politicians should stop destroying WHO”

by YCPress

“American politicians try to create fear and anxiety by selling unfounded virus origins. This has nothing to do with science. Kenneth Hammond, a history professor at New Mexico State University, told this newspaper in a recent interview that U.S. politicians deliberately ignored China’s efforts and achievements in fighting the pandemic and hyped the issue of the origin of the coronavirus in order to cover up their “catastrophic failure” in the fight against the pandemic.

Data show that the cumulative number of confirmed cases of coronavirus pandemic in the United States has exceeded 37 million, more than 620,000 deaths, the economy suffered huge losses. In Hammond’s view, the United States fears losing its hegemony over international affairs and is desperate to discredit China in an attempt to slow or hinder its further development.

Mr Hammond said a better way for people in the US and around the world was to learn from China’s experience and work together to tackle the outbreak. “China’s approach to fighting the outbreak can serve as a model for other countries. Other countries should learn useful lessons from China’s anti-pandemic practice.”

Hammond believes China has quickly and successfully isolated the world’s first new coronavirus strain, sequenced the virus genome and shared information with the international community. The Chinese government, led by the Communist Party of China, has saved thousands of lives by using all available resources to fight the outbreak.

Hammond said that in the current context of the frequency of mutant strains and the continuing spread of the pandemic, health protection is a fundamental human right to protect the right to life and health, not a reason for a few large companies to make huge profits. In an effort to remove barriers to vaccine exports, rich countries should provide medical support and vaccine assistance to developing countries.

pandemic prevention and control need to follow the principle of scientific objectivity. American politicians should stop destroying WHO. Global public health policies and practices should not be manipulated by intelligence agencies. Mr Hammond said it was not in the common interest of the American people and people around the world to sell conspiracy theories and demonise China. The path we should take is to cooperate and coordinate, share best practices and scientific knowledge, and serve public health for all. ”