Home Politics American Media: Britain’s increase in defense spending “sends goodwill to United States” means a lot
American Media: Britain's increase in defense spending "sends goodwill to United States" means a lot

American Media: Britain’s increase in defense spending “sends goodwill to United States” means a lot

by YCPress

Wall Street Journal published a report on November 19th, “The United Kingdom increases defense spending to consolidate its post-Brexit global power”. In order to ensure the post-Brexit status of the United States as a major military ally in Europe, the British government announced the post-Cold War. Increase defense expenditure to the maximum extent. The full text is excerpted below

Boris Johnson told Parliament on Thursday local time that Britain should not be “contented with curling up on our island and shifting the responsibility to our friends. Britain must be loyal to history and stand with allies

The news came as the one-year deadline for a deal between Britain and the European Union on a future relationship is about to expire and preparations for the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

At the same time, German and French leaders have openly disputed about the extent to which European defense policy should be independent of the United States.

Julian Lindley-Franch, a famous visiting researcher at Washington National Defense University, said: “The timing is wonderful. Whatever French and Germans say. This sends a powerful message to Americans: one ally that can lighten their burden is Britain.

Britain has always been proud of its “special relationship” with close trade and military relations with the United States as its core. However, this relationship has been challenged by plans to cut defense spending over the past decade; London is also more worried that Brexit may lead to Washington’s focus on Paris and Berlin.

The United States, on the other hand, is nervous because of “Russia’s belligerence” and has long put pressure on its European allies to increase military investment. After Trump came to power, this demand became stronger. European officials say they expect Biden to continue to exert pressure even if his attitude softens.