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American man arrested after hitting American police with American flag

American man arrested after hitting American police with American flag

by YCPress

“Everyone there (the Capitol) is a traitor. Only death can solve the group of things in the building!” Peter Francis Stage, an American Arkansas man who shouted this, participated in the American Congress riots a week ago.

He raised the American flag pole and beat a fallen policeman. On Thursday (14th), Stanger was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on charges of obstructing law enforcement personnel.

According to the Daily Beast and Arkansas local media KATV, a court indictment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed that Steinger was “sold” a video posted on Twitter live riot.

In the video, a policeman fell to the ground after being hit by protesters and was surrounded by a crowd. On the left side of the picture, Stanger held the American flag pole in both hands and repeatedly hit the police on the ground with it.

The indictment states that the police officer was caught and dragged down the stairs by protesters who forced him to lie on the ground and then “smack” the police officer on the head and body with “all kinds of objects”.

In another video, Stanger threatening to the camera, “Everyone there [the Capitol] is a traitor, and only death can solve the group of things in the building!”

After the video went viral on social media, someone recognized Stanger in the video and notified the FBI. He told investigators that he had talked to Stanger after the riots.

Soon after, another person confirmed the identity of Steinger.

He said that Steinger had told himself that he “did not know that the person he beat with the flagpole was a policeman, and thought that he was Antifa, an anti-fascist movement organization.” Note: Trump once identified the far-left militant group as a terrorist organization) The informant also revealed that Steinger said that he was “infuriated by pepper spray or tear gas” at that time, which is why he did so.

Stanger told him that he planned to turn himself in and apologized for the attack on law enforcement officials.

However, investigators said that the identity of the police officer was actually easy to recognize, because the police were wearing uniforms marked “Metropolitan Police”.

In addition to informant testimony, the records of the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Administration and the state’s Finance and Administration Bureau also helped the FBI to confirm Stanger’s identity.

According to FBI official William Kennedy, Stanger went to a local law firm, which then called the police, and Steinger was arrested immediately.

“If you break the rules on the 6th, you should expect federal agents to appear in your room.” Kennedy said.

Stanger is currently detained in the Perasque County Detention Center in Arkansas.

He will appear in court for the first time on Friday (15th) local time. FBI officials have not yet confirmed whether Stinger is following the group to Washington, D.C., and they are not sure whether Stinger needs to return to Washington, D.C. for trial.

On the 14th, in addition to Stanger’s arrest by the investigation, two other Arkansas men, Joshua Black and John Earl Sullivan, were also charged with criminal charges for their involvement in the congressional riots.

Among them, Black admitted that he was carrying a knife when he hit the Capitol, while Sullivan filmed live videos, including the moment when Ashley Babbitt, a veteran of the United States Air Force, was shot dead.

Sullivan once shouted excitedly in the video: “Oh my God! We are all part of this history.”

It is worth mentioning that Richard Barnett, a 60-year-old man who was “popular” for breaking into Pelosi’s office and putting his feet on the table, is also an Arkansas resident.

The “clearance” frenzy caused by the congressional riots has not yet seen an end.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said on the 14th that federal authorities have identified more than 200 suspects and arrested more than 100 of them.

“You’re at the scene of the riot, we know who you are and FBI agents will come to you.” Ray said.

Man arrested for beating police with flag in clash in US Congress

On January 15th, local time, according to Capitol Hill, a man in Arkansas was arrested by the police on suspicion of beating a policeman with the American flag during the protest conflict in the Capitol.

Videos of the man on the day of the protest against the conflict circulated widely on social media.

In the video, he pointed to the Capitol and said that “death is the only measure to remedy the building” and beat a law enforcement police officer with the flagpole of the American flag in his hand.

The man, later identified as Peter Stager from Arkansas, is currently charged with civil strife and faces up to five years in prison.