Home Politics alert! The new tactics of the US military against the People’s Liberation Army are exposed!
alert! The new tactics of the US military against the People's Liberation Army are exposed!

alert! The new tactics of the US military against the People’s Liberation Army are exposed!

by YCPress

The US military exercises “island hopping” operations, hoping to confront China in the future.

British “Times” article on October 21, original title: The Pentagon plans to use the “island hopping” missile force against China

Screenshot of The Times report

In order to fight against China in future naval battles, the US Marine Corps has been testing a new strategy in which missile-equipped troops conduct “island hopping” operations throughout the Pacific.

The combat plan was practiced in a military exercise not long ago. It aimed to secretly project the US Marine Corps to the islands and coral reefs in the area, in the artillery operation of “Quick battle and immediate transfer to the next position” China attacked Chinese warships and missile sites. The plan envisages that the US Marine Corps will first launch rockets and missiles at the target, and then use helicopters to withdraw to other islands.

As part of the U.S. Marine Corps’ new operational blueprint-full operation in 2030, once a conflict occurs, the force will launch this “expeditionary base-first combat operation” throughout the Pacific Ocean.

During the exercise this month, more than 100 US Marines took a transport plane to Ie Island near Okinawa and “occupied” an airport there. Then, the US military’s “Hamas” long-range rocket launcher system was airlifted to the airport by a US Air Force transport plane at midnight. The Marine Corps assembled rocket launchers and launched a “conceptual” attack. “A few minutes later, the Seamaster system was reinstalled on the plane, quietly withdrew from the position and turned to the next launch site at a different location,” the 3rd Division of the US Marine Corps stationed in Okinawa issued a statement saying that the entire exercise process In China, the Marine Corps maintains contact with the U.S. fleet.

This is a new type of exercise designed to take into account the “threat” posed by China’s rapidly growing navy and ballistic missile capabilities. In recent years, relations between Washington and Beijing have deteriorated. Trade disputes, Hong Kong-related issues and Taiwan-related issues have exacerbated the tension in the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

As part of the strategy of change in the “India-China” region, the US Marine Corps is being given a very different role-in the event of a conflict, its small forces will be scattered over thousands of miles of occupied uninhabited islands and reefs. on. To a certain extent, this new (combat) thinking is intended to counter China‚Äôs related projects: the construction of military bases on controversial reefs in the South China Sea. However, the commander of the US Marine Corps David Berg said that the current (strategic) design of the force is not the most suitable for great power competition-meaning that the Pentagon has shifted its focus to confrontation between China and Russia (which are regarded as US military opponents).