Home Business Airbus German factory has a cluster infection. 21 people have been diagnosed and quarantined 500 people.
Airbus German factory has a cluster infection. 21 people have been diagnosed and quarantined 500 people.

Airbus German factory has a cluster infection. 21 people have been diagnosed and quarantined 500 people.

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Berlin, January 24 According to German media reports, Airbus’s factory in Hamburg, Germany, has recently had a concentrated infection of the novel coronavirus, and 21 people have been diagnosed as of the 24th local time.

500 employees of the company have been asked to quarantine at home. Local health authorities said that since the sequencing of the virus is still in progress, it is impossible to confirm whether the infection event is related to the mutant strain.

Airbus Group, headquartered in Toulouse, France, is a major company in the global aerospace and related services field.

According to media reports such as Der Spiegel Online and North German Broadcasting, the Airbus factory where the cluster infection occurred is located in the Fenkenweid district of Hamburg, a port city in northern Germany.

According to the official website of Airbus, the Hamburg factory is the second largest factory in the world, and more than half of its A320 series passenger aircraft are produced from the factory every year.

With more than 12,000 employees in Hamburg, Airbus has the largest number of employees in Hamburg.

Martin Helfrich, spokesman of the Hamburg Municipal Health Bureau, told the German News Agency on the 24th that as of the same day, 21 employees in the factory had tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and 500 employees were required to stay at home.

Daniel Werdung, spokesman of Airbus Germany, said that the company took large-scale testing and isolation countermeasures immediately after the discovery of employee infection, and will continue to cooperate with government measures in the future.

As to what extent the infection will affect Airbus hamburger plant production and whether Airbus will transfer production to other factories, the company is still studying.

At present, the source of this cluster infection is still under investigation.

In response to German media reports that the infection may be related to the highly infectious coronavirus variant strain recently introduced into Germany, Martin Helfrich responded that the health department has not been able to confirm this speculation.

He stressed that gene sequencing of virus samples is needed to draw conclusions.

This means that the results are not expected to be available until next week at the earliest.

Recently, several cluster infections have occurred in Germany.

According to Deutsche TV One, on the 23rd of this month, a hospital in Berlin, Germany’s capital, was completely blockaded after 20 people were infected with a mutant strain of the novel coronavirus, and all patients and medical staff were quarantined.

On the 24th, Sana’a Hospital in Lübeck, Germany, announced that a total of 79 employees and 43 patients were diagnosed with infection.

According to the real-time data of Germany’s “Time Online”, as of 19:26 local time on the 24th, Germany has confirmed a total of 2,148,120 people, 180727 cured and 52,785 deaths.

As of the 23rd, Germany had been vaccinated with 1632777 doses and 163,424 people had been vaccinated with a second dose.