Home Politics Against Biden, Trump is brewing a big game of chess
Against Biden, Trump is brewing a big game of chess

Against Biden, Trump is brewing a big game of chess

by YCPress

Against Biden, Trump is brewing a big game of chess At a sensitive time of the transfer of power in the U.S. government, current President Trump is brewing a big game of chess.

The Governor Noted that Trump, who has refused to admit the election defeat, is considering various ways to “strip” the Biden administration if he loses in the lawsuit.

The U.S. Capitol Hill quoted the Axios website as saying that Trump told his close advisers that he was considering running for the 2024 presidential election.

The report pointed out that Trump or Biden announced his participation in the 2024 presidential election on the day of his inauguration on January 20, 2021.

In addition, Trump and his cronies have begun to investigate which funders will support him to challenge to the White House again, and some of the main allies have indicated that they will win Trump’s favor in order to occupy a seat in the White House in the future and ensure their own Republican career.

A Bloomberg report said that Trump met with Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Pompeo and national security adviser O’Brien earlier this month to talk about his plan to run for the presidency again if the turnover fails. O’Brien said in front of Trump: “If you do this, I think I represent everyone in the room. We support you 100%.”

U.S. media: Trump privately discusses the 2024 election

Trump is trying to “stumbling” the Biden administration, on the one hand, to create chaos at home.

Recently, Trump has fired a number of senior officials one after another. According to CNN’s previous report, the Trump administration removed several well-known members of the U.S. Defense Policy Committee on the 25th local time, including former Secretary of State Albright and Henry Kissinger. Earlier, he also fired several senior officials, including former Defense Secretary Esper.

U.S. media commented that for an outgoing president, the dismissal of these senior officials is unprecedented, and it is actually a beheading of the U.S. national security agency.

On the other hand, Trump gave Biden a succession to the world.

The website of German news and television reported on the 18th that Trump began to fulfill his campaign promises, such as withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, shortly before the end of his term. One administration official said that Trump’s purpose was to “blaze fires” everywhere, making it difficult for the next administration to put them out.

Trump also wants to list the Houthis in Yemen as a terrorist organization, which will be difficult to reverse. A State Department official said that Pompeo did not care whether it would create a difficult situation for Biden’s team. “Pompeo will do everything possible to make it difficult for the new government to act”.

It is worth mentioning that Israeli media reported that the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear physicist Fakrizad on the 27th may be related to Pompeo.

After the assassination, British and American media have analyzed that just over 50 days before the change of the U.S. government and the next Biden administration intends to restart nuclear negotiations with Iran, the Trump administration used the assassination to create tension between the United States and Iran, which will make it more difficult for Biden to return to the Iran Nuclear Agreement after taking office.

On the 19th, Pompeo (right) visited the Golan Heights and delivered a speech.

The Times of Israel reported that Amos Yadrin, the former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Agency and now the director of the National Security Institute of Israel, pointed out in an interview that the people who made the assassination decision were very clear that “the current White House hosts have the same views on the Iranian threat, but only 55 days… After Biden took office. That’s another matter.”

He also speculated that Pompeo’s visit to Israel last week was not simply intended, and may be related to the assassination of Fahrizad.” Obviously, Pompeo’s visit (Israel) is not a special trip to Pusaga winery for drinks.

Regarding the successive actions of the Trump administration, the website of Russia’s Businessman previously commented that the Trump team has formulated a series of foreign policies that may have to be dealt with by the Biden administration, and it does not rule out that Republicans are using these measures to protect their heritage and prepare for revenge in 2024.