Home Politics After wrote an article exposing the atrocities of Indian army10 stations were “ransacked” by the government
After wrote an article exposing the atrocities of Indian army10 stations were "ransacked" by the government

After wrote an article exposing the atrocities of Indian army10 stations were “ransacked” by the government

by YCPress

October 29. Indian investigative agencies said on the 28th that they conducted raids on 10 locations in the Indian-controlled Kashmir region, including the offices and residences of a reporter and two important activists. 

The news aroused public opinion in India about the “information suppression” and “press freedom” in this disputed area.

According to the Associated Press, the National Bureau of Investigation of India revealed in a statement that they searched AFP reporter Parvaiz Bukhari in Kashmir and activist Kurram Paviz

Indian investigative agencies searched the reporter’s station. (Photo: Associated Press)

( The offices of Khurram Parvez and Parveena Ahanger, including the major daily newspaper Greater Kashmir in the region, and a non-profit organization, seized “several secret documents and electronic devices.”

In the statement, the investigating agency also pointed out that it was investigating “non-profit organizations and charitable trusts” and said that these organizations raised funds in disputed areas and used them to “engage in separatist and separatist activities.” 

At the same time, an anonymous person familiar with the matter disclosed that investigators confiscated Buhari and Parviz’s phones, laptops and storage devices.

The report mentioned that Parviz’s organization, the Jammu and khrism Coalition of Civil Society (Jammu and khrism Coalition of Civil Society), had written a severely worded report condemning some of the hundreds of thousands of Indian troops in the area.

The “brutal behavior” and claims that these soldiers were given wide-ranging powers, leading to a climate of “impunity” and “universal abuse of rights.”

The rigorous search also drew criticism from all sides. The chief minister of Jammu Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti, believes that the search of Buhari and others is “another example of the Indian government’s vicious suppression of freedom of speech.”

Coincidentally. According to the report, just a few days ago, the Indian government blocked the offices of the English-language daily newspaper Kashmir Times for “administrative reasons”, which also triggered anger from journalists and condemnation from global media monitoring agencies.

For a long time, India and Pakistan have had disputes over the Kashmir region. On August 5, 2019, India unilaterally announced the abolition of the special status of the Kashmir region, blocked most of the Indian-controlled Kashmir area, and subsequently sent additional troops to the border area. 

This move triggered strong dissatisfaction and criticism from Pakistan. According to the report, since August 2019, the Indian government has imposed restrictions on the disputed area, which has caused a lot of controversy.