Home Politics After the video meeting of the head of state, where will Sino-US relations go?
After the video meeting of the head of state, where will Sino-US relations go?

After the video meeting of the head of state, where will Sino-US relations go?

by YCPress

The master’s moves are superficial and the internal skills are spelled.

Undoubtedly, China and the United States are world-wide powers and the top masters in the world’s “Martial Arts”. Once the two countries are dragged into the dead end of “fairy fighting” by confrontational thinking, the internal forces will be full of thunder and shaken.

Whether it is a short-term confrontation in the international arena, a clear wall in economics, trade and financial resources, or a shirtless battle in the Taiwan Strait, the result is not only that the two masters will either die or be injured, but also set off a storm between the “Martial Arts Forest”. Anxious countries can either mediate or be forced to stand in line, which is difficult to be alone.

▲ On the morning of November 16, 2021, Beijing time, on the evening of the 15th, Washington time, a video meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States was held. (Illustration | Yutao)

From this perspective, the video meeting between the heads of state of China and the United States has attracted worldwide attention and is expected. It is a century’s joint answer to the question of “how to do a good job in Sino-US relations” by the two countries. It is not only a major event in Sino-US relations, but also a major event in international relations. The answer is China and the United States, and the view is the countries.

Doesn’t the United States know these truths? No, of course they know. However, the historical process of the rise of the United States is too smooth. The War of Independence was helped by the French, the Russians helped by the Civil War, and the two world wars frantically exploited the wool of the world. “Winning numbness” is a true portrayal of the hearts of Americans, so that “where the empire goes, it falls from the wind”, which has become an unshakable creed of the United States.

The British were defeated, the Spaniards were defeated, and the Japanese, Germans and the Soviets were also defeated. Will the Chinese be unbeaten?

As the great writer Balzac said, “Comsponsity, arrogence and credulity are the three major reefs of life.” The United States is too credulous in its hegemony and arrogantly believes that history is written like this.

When the fierce white-headed eagle of the United States tore off its hypocritical face, exposed sharp claws, took a “tariff” on the left and “sanctions” on the right, the imperial rulers sitting high in the White House all leisurely pinched their watches and counted the time, waiting for China to bow to surrender, and did the yellow beam of “Once China is soft, the world can be determined”. Dream.

However, they have a lot of calculations, except for a mistake, that is, the backbone of the Chinese is straight, the waist is straight, and there is no reason to surrender.

Americans are arrogant. When dealing with the United States, they must not have Song Xianggong’s “stupid pig-style benevolence, righteousness and morality”. Concession and seeking perfection can’t do well in Sino-US relations.

In the past few months, the United States has frequently taken the initiative to talk to us. The voice of Sino-US cooperation, which has been smeared as “politically incorrect”, is gradually warming up.Did the American conscience find out? Did they repent? Or is Maosai suddenly open? Neither! This is the result of our struggle.You must talk to them in a “language” that the United States can understand.

The elites in Washington can’t understand our bitterness, but they can truly feel the piercing of the loss of profits. When the tariffs imposed by the United States on China fall on their own people, when economic sanctions against China are cut off on the flesh of their own enterprises, and when the United States “walks” to personally prove that Afghanistan is indeed an “cemetery of the empire”, the U.S. government finally “pressure mountain”, and can only blindly print money to maintain false prosperity and constantly push up American currency. Inflate, drink poison to quench thirst.

Under domestic and foreign difficulties, they began to realize that the “free fall” of Sino-US relations was unbearable, and the so-called “decoupling” of the two countries was also a daydream.

In fact, they already understand in their hearts that President Xi said that “China-US cooperation is the only right choice”, which is right.

But the United States has become accustomed to being superior. Hegemony has given the United States countless privileges, allowing it to indulge in endless oppression and exploitation. Not to mention some compromises with China, even if we exchange interests with China on an equal footing, I’m afraid it will be opposed by various political forces and interest groups in the United States.

In the United States, where politics is becoming more and more farctic and votes are everything, anti-China has become a business, a dual code for obtaining wealth and power, and a “political correctness” jointly endorsed by the democratic and Republican parties. As long as hegemonism and anti-China thinking still exist, it is difficult for China and the United States to cooperate sincerely and frankly.

There will be a second “Nixon” or “Carter” in the decision-making level of the United States. Can you make a choice in line with the historical trend based on the national interests of the United States?

Politicians in Washington have answered this question, and Sino-US relations can no longer go back to the past.

Looking back on the history of Sino-US relations, it is still a little sad. The older generation of politicians and diplomats of the two countries used wisdom, courage and courage to break the situation in Sino-US relations and accumulated some hard-won results.

In 1979, the year of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, when Comrade Deng Xiaoping, who was visiting the United States, put on the white cowboy hat offered by the American people, the racetrack in Houston, Texas, was jubilant. The people of the two countries were pleased to find that even if China and the United States were located on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, they could still have spiritual connection and have a common Language.

Unfortunately, it can also be hated. Because of their self-interest, American politicians have personally destroyed decades of friendship between the two peoples and cut off hundreds of official and unofficial channels of communication. Under the demagoguery propaganda of the unscrupulous media in the United States, many Americans have been blindfolded and their hostility to China continues to rise. In the face of the bad and cruel behavior of the United States, the Chinese people will certainly be extremely angry.

It’s not that China has never persuaded the United States, but the United States has never listened to good advice, being aggressive, domineering and domineering. May I ask where there is an unequal friendship in the world? MAINTAINING FRIENDSHIP OFTEN TAKES YEARS OF INVESTMENT, BUT DESTROYING FRIENDSHIP MAY TAKE A MOMENT. The United States must bear full responsibility for the indifference of Sino-US relations and the remoteness of the hearts and minds of the Chinese and American people.

As the world’s top two economies and permanent members of the Security Council, any wind and grass in China and the United States will have a far-reaching impact on the world situation. Even if Sino-US relations can’t go back to the past, they should not deteriorate again. Under the background of the intertwined and superimposed situation of the century epidemic, the rise and fall of hot spots in the international region, and the fragile recovery of the world economy, Sino-US relations are at a critical crossroads. You can’t go wrong. If you go wrong, you will be an abyss.

The first road entrance–

It’s war and peace.

If China and the United States confront directly by force, it will be a great catastrophe in human history. As Einstein once said, “I don’t know what weapons will be used in World War III, but people must have used sticks and stones in World War IV.”

No conflict and no confrontation are the bottom lines that China and the United States must stick to. Controlling the differences between China and the United States is related to the well-being of the Chinese and American people and the safety of mankind around the world. To keep peace is to keep happiness.

The second road entrance–

It’s independence and unity.

Unification is the blood flowing in the Chinese body and the gene engraved in the bones. “brother quarrel” is the last tragedy that the Chinese people want to see. At present, the situation in the Taiwan Strait is tense. The reason is that the authorities of the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party have repeatedly “relied on the United States for independence”, while some people in the United States play the “Taiwan card” and engage in “Taiwan to control China”, which is very dangerous.

The “one-China policy” is by no means the “artifact” of the American spirit PUA China, but the cornerstone of Sino-US relations. There is a clearly defined red line:

The third road entrance–

It’s fighting or combining.

Whether it is to promote the respective development and revitalization of China and the United States, or to maintain a peaceful and stable international environment, global challenges, including effective climate change, energy security, epidemic prevention and control, and drug crimes, are inseparable from healthy and stable Sino-US relations. Sino-US cooperation may not be omnipotent, but it is absolutely impossible without Sino-US cooperation.

At present, there are indeed difficulties in cooperation between the two countries. Only by showing a high degree of political wisdom, breaking through obstacles and repelling the countercurrent of “confrontation” can cooperation be stable and far-reaching. It’s time for the United States to summon up the courage to make a decision.

The fourth road entrance–

It’s false or real.

Chinese people pay attention to believing what they say and what they do. They advocate that a gentleman’s words are difficult to chase. When they say it, they should do it. If they can’t do it, don’t say it.

The United States has always had a tradition of making its word, and we have also “understitions” the “stunts” of the United States going back on their word. Take a pitfall and gain wisdom. You can see at a glance whether the United States is really acting or not.

Since the United States can’t solve the debt deficit problem, it’s better to solve the trust deficit first.

In this video meeting of the head of state, although President Xi Jinping and President Biden were “reunited” of their old friends, they were different from the world. What hasn’t changed is that President Xi has lived up to the original aspiration of the people. What has changed is the American mess Biden faces.

In his opening remarks, it can be seen that Biden’s smile is sincere, from the bottom of his heart, and only when he meets old friends. But now he can still say truthfully, “Old friend, long time no see”?

▲ On the evening of November 15, 2021, Washington time, Biden waved at the beginning of the video meeting of the heads of state of China and the United States.

People in the world can’t help themselves, and they know what it tastes like. But can emotions be hidden and history be tampered with? History is like iron. No matter where Sino-US relations eventually go, they will be clearly and fairly recorded.

China has a history of civilization for five thousand years, and historical responsibility is an obligation that the Chinese people can’t cross. We strive to follow the right path. What we want is mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation, but unilateral efforts are far from enough and need the cooperation of the United States. Once the United States goes wrong, the direction of history will completely deviate.” The sea sails by the helmsman”, which is the greatest significance of the Fuehrer’s meeting.

Before the meeting began, in the early morning of the Republic, the sun rose eastward.

At the end of the meeting, at midnight in the United States, there were stars.