Home Politics After the high-level “big change” made by the Pentagon, it is the turn of the Department of Homeland Security …
After the high-level "big change" made by the Pentagon, it is the turn of the Department of Homeland Security ...

After the high-level “big change” made by the Pentagon, it is the turn of the Department of Homeland Security …

by YCPress

After the US Secretary of Defense changed coaches Pentagon high-rise shock 3 senior officials resigned within a day 2 officials from the U.S. Department of Land Security Was forcibly dismissed by the White House According to US media forecasts The “dismissal wave” may have just begun The first day after Esper was fired 3 Pentagon officials resigned on the same day On November 10, local time, the US Department of Defense announced that three senior officials had resigned. One day after U.S. President Trump announced the dismissal of Secretary of Defense Esper, a rare collective resignation occurred at the Pentagon.

On the 9th, Trump suddenly announced through social media that he would relieve the Secretary of Defense Esper from his post and appointed Christopher Miller, director of the US Counter-Terrorism Center, as the acting secretary of defense.

This is the first major personnel change of the Trump administration after the US election.

Miller, who succeeded Esper, is a veteran of the Army’s special forces. He served in the White House and the Pentagon before taking over the counter-terrorism agency earlier this year.

According to reports, Trump and Esper had a long-term “difficult relationship.” As early as August, there were many media reports that Trump and his aides had privately discussed the possibility of replacing Esper after the election.

After the resignation of 3 senior officials of the U.S. Department of Defense

All successors are Trump cronies

The American media believes that the current government’s term of office is coming to an end, and it is unusual for important departments to change blood rapidly, and it is Trump cronies who fill the vacancies.

Less than 24 hours after Miller took office, James Anderson, the acting deputy secretary in charge of defense policy, handed in his resignation. Anderson’s position was replaced by retired Brigadier General Anthony Tata.

Tata was nominated this summer as the Deputy Minister for Policy in the Ministry of Defense, but was opposed by both parties in Congress. He often appeared on TV media and firmly defended Trump. His past remarks have repeatedly caused controversy. He once accused the former Democratic President Obama as a “terrorist.”

According to the Associated Press, the deputy defense secretary Joseph Kernan resigned later. Another senior official who resigned was Jane Stewart, director of the minister’s office.

The vacancies for Kernan and Stewart were filled by Ezra Cohen-Vatnik and Cash Patel, who had served on the National Security Council of the White House.

Cohen Watnick played for Trump’s first national security assistant, Michael Flynn.

Patel was previously the senior director of the National Security Council in charge of counter-terrorism affairs. According to government officials, his working relationship with Miller was “very close.”

A person familiar with the matter told CNN on the 10th that after Esper was dismissed, the White House seemed to focus on “pursuing” many of its deputy ministers because Esper and his team had previously opposed Trump’s premature withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Related sources speculate that the departure of high-level figures such as Esper means that Trump may once again seek to advance the measures opposed by the Pentagon. According to CNN analysis, Trump may ignore the military’s proposal to push for the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan before Christmas, and may also dispatch active troops to respond to domestic anti-racism demonstrations.

Two officials from the Department of Homeland Security

Has been forcibly fired by the White House

US media analysis believes that other senior US officials who have angered Trump may become “firepower targets” in the next stage, and the “firepower wave” within the Trump administration may have just begun.

On November 12, local time, according to people familiar with the matter, two officials of the US Department of Homeland Security were forcibly dismissed by the White House after the Trump administration made a large number of personnel appointments to relevant national security departments .

They are Brian Weir, who served as the Assistant Director of Cybersecurity in the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and Valerie Boyd, Assistant Secretary of International Affairs of the Department of Homeland Security.

In addition, another person close to Trump disclosed that the current situation of CIA Director Gina Haspel is also on thin ice.

Trump and some of his conservative allies are increasingly dissatisfied with Haspel, accusing her of delaying the release of documents that they believe will expose the so-called “deep state” conspiracy against the Trump team’s transition during Obama’s term.

A senior government official revealed that the trust between the White House and the CIA has “completely broken.”