Home Politics After posting an online post to praise Biden, the “temporary worker” was fired by the American media.
After posting an online post to praise Biden, the "temporary worker" was fired by the American media.

After posting an online post to praise Biden, the “temporary worker” was fired by the American media.

by YCPress

According to media reports such as The Washington Post and Fox News, an editor of the New York Times was terminated by the newspaper after posting a tribute to the new President Biden and attacking former President Trump.

Judging from these reports from the American media, the editor who was expelled from the New York Times is named Lauren Wolf.

She is said to be primarily responsible for editing real-time content on the New York Times website involving the epidemic and breaking news.

Last week, the day before the inauguration ceremony of the new President of the United States, Wolf, who was excited about Biden’s inauguration, posted two online posts on her certified social account: one was that she was excited about Biden’s arrival, saying that she was “shaken to the top of excitement”; the other was that she criticized Trump for not complying.

It is customary to arrange military aircraft to welcome Biden, and she also calls Trump’s behavior mean, mean and naive (as shown in the following picture):

However, Wolff’s over-excited mood aroused the disgust of many Trump supporters or people who don’t like Biden.

They believe that Wolf’s performance “deviates from” from the neutrality and objectivity that media people should have.

Moreover, it has been found that Wolff’s claim that Trump will not arrange a plane for Biden is fake news, and the fact is that Biden himself rejected the arrangement. CNN later confirmed this situation, saying that it was Trump who told Biden that he could arrange for him and that Biden himself preferred to take a private plane.

However, because Wolf deleted both posts shortly after the controversy, and the New York Times has always had a clear anti-Trump reporting tendency, many people thought it was over.

Unexpectedly, Wolf was suddenly fired by the New York Times a few days later.

The first to disclose Wolf’s dismissal was a contributor to the American HuffPost and New York Magazine.

However, this person did not explicitly say whether Wolfe was fired because of the two controversial posts about Biden, just saying that she was fired after posting, and that she had been “warned” for posting on social networking sites before.

Later, Wolf also talked about her unemployment, but she also did not directly confirm whether her dismissal was related to the two posts, just saying that she had been attacked and insulted by some conservative media that were hostile to her because of the previous post, but the New York Times did not There is support for her, and now I am unemployed. I hope someone can hire her.

At present, her experience has attracted the attention of a large number of media people in the mainstream media circles in the United States.

Many American netizens who sympathize with and support her have also condemned the New York Times’s behavior, saying that the newspaper fired Wolff because of pressure from Trump supporters, and some people threatened to “unsubscribe” the newspaper.

But Wolfe posted a post calling on people not to boycott the New York Times because of this matter, saying that the newspaper still has many excellent journalists to support.

However, just today, the New York Times gave a strange response to the matter, saying that Wolf was not fired for a post, and that many online claims about Wolf’s dismissal were inaccurate.

According to the Washington Post, the New York Times also said in a statement that Wolf is not a full-time employee of the newspaper and has no contractual relationship with the newspaper, but an informal freelance position – in other words, she is just a “temporary worker”.

However, the newspaper, which usually requires openness and transparency of government agencies, prevaricates on the key details of why Wolff was fired on the grounds of “privacy”, saying that it could not elaborate on the reasons for dissolving Wolf’s employment relationship because of privacy issues, and would not comment on it in the future.

In a word, combined with Wolf’s relatively vague statement and the latest statement of the New York Times, it is not clear what the editor was fired.

But it is worth noting that even if the truth of the matter is not clear, the New York Times even denied many rumors on the Internet, many people on the American Internet still insist that Wolf was fired for the previous two controversial posts, and that she was fired because of New York.

The Times has succumbed to pressure from Trump supporters.

Meanwhile, while many are in solidarity with Wolf and condemning The New York Times, neither these Wolf supporters nor herself mention the fake news that Trump did not arrange planes for Biden, which she posted in previous controversial online posts.

This may indicate that the current perception of a journalist in the American public opinion field is gradually changing from whether the reporter is telling the truth, whether he is professional and neutral, to whether the reporter caters to the political likes and tendencies of mainstream public opinion. This may not be a good thing for the increasingly torn American society and public opinion.