Home Politics After Biden came to power, everything is quietly changing…
After Biden came to power, everything is quietly changing...

After Biden came to power, everything is quietly changing…

by YCPress

The changes in the White House are multifaceted, from shallow to deep, according to a report published by Reuters Washington on January 28 entitled “The new White House after Biden came to power: Discipline, diversity, dogs and social distancing.” The dog returned to the south lawn.

The briefing room has also begun to hold regular media briefings…

The full text is excerpt as follows:

A clean plexiglass baffle was erected on the morning of January 20, hours before Joe Biden arrived at the White House as the 46th President of the White House, at the guard’s desk at the entrance to the West Wing office.

Everything is changing quietly.

It’s a small but noteworthy sign that things are changing: the pandemic measures that Donald Trump lacked in his last year in office will be part of life in the Biden administration’s White House.

From requiring masks to adopting new public information means, the Democratic president’s steady style contrasts sharply with the rhetoric and erraticism of Republican president, businessman and former reality star Trump.

John Bolton, a former national security adviser to Trump and the ambassador of the George W. Bush administration to the United Nations, said of the Biden administration: “This is the normality it should be. There is no doubt that if the president can’t even manage the White House, he can’t manage other work.”

The White House management style criticized by both parties as chaos has disappeared, replaced by information discipline and disgust with leaks.

New presidents usually enjoy a honeymoon period.

According to a survey by Morningn Consulting Company in the United States, 56% of voters approved of Biden’s performance in the first few days of his term. But this popularity may be fleeting.

The dog and the briefing are back.

The changes in the White House are manifold, from shallow to deep. The dog returned to the south lawn.

The briefing room has also begun to hold regular media briefings to answer questions from reporters and make data-based responses.

Biden himself sent an important message of unity and civilization.

In his inaugural speech, he said: “We can respect each other with dignity.

We can unite to stop shouting and reduce anger.

For there is no peace without unity, only pain and anger; no progress, only exhausting anger; no state, only a mess.”

The main way Trump dominates the news space day after day is by singing monologues.

He often changes topics in a crazy way of treading on the seesaw.

And the Biden team pins a specific topic almost every day, and Biden systematically signs executive orders to overthrow Trump’s policy after policy.

Biden used tweets to promote his policy goals, sharing occasional lighthearted content, such as dispelling speculation about his favorite ice cream flavor: “It’s chocolatey of course.”

White House masks and diversity

Biden’s handling of COVID-19 is one of the biggest differences between him and his predecessor.

The new president has made the fight against the epidemic a top priority.

At present, the novel coronavirus has killed 430,000 people in the United States.

Trump downplayed its impact at the beginning of the pandemic and spent most of the time not wearing masks.

Most of the officials around him also don’t wear masks.

Trump and several members of the White House have been infected with the novel coronavirus.

Biden ordered masks to be worn inside government buildings.

He and other officials observe public health guidelines and maintain social distancing during public events.

Many of his early executive orders were signed in the spacious state banquet hall, where there was enough space for the participants to keep their distance.

Biden asked appointed officials to sign strict ethical commitments, including prohibiting gifts from lobbyists or lobbying organizations.

He also showed diversity.

Vice President Kamala Harris was the first female, black and Asian-American to serve as Vice President of the United States.

While Biden’s advisers are not unrepresented with white men, other team members from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin (the first female treasurer and first black defense secretary, respectively), are presenting America’s diversity in ways the Trump team doesn’t have.

Biden’s call to put aside the polarization of the Trump era will be put to the test, as his legislative agenda will be boycotted by congressional Republicans and liberal lawmakers seeking bolder reforms.

“It’s clear in the short term that the atmosphere has cooled down, and even though that happened in Congress a few weeks ago, people are cooling down,” said Doug Hay, a Republican strategist.