Home Politics After Biden announced his victory, Trump waited for a bunch of bad things: being mocked by loser, lawsuits, and allies silenced
After Biden announced his victory, Trump waited for a bunch of bad things: being mocked by loser, lawsuits, and allies silenced

After Biden announced his victory, Trump waited for a bunch of bad things: being mocked by loser, lawsuits, and allies silenced

by YCPress

“Trump finally experienced the same 2020 as most Americans: infected with the new crown, unemployment, and soon to be driven out by the landlord.”

Whoever declares victory and playing golf are the top priorities of US President Trump.

Perhaps it was to regroup or to relieve pressure. Trump has not made public itineraries these days. On November 7th and 8th, he went to the Trump National Golf Club in the suburbs of Virginia to play.

The US “New York Times” revealed that when the media determined that the Democratic candidate Biden won the election, Trump’s motorcade was driving into his golf club. After learning from his assistants that he had lost, Trump did not cancel his plan to play golf. Of course, he also did not admit his plan to lose.

Biden supporters outside Trump National Golf Club

Trump returns to the White House after playing golf

Compared with distracted aides and Republican allies, Trump supporters are the most supportive and active in his challenge to the election results. The 71 million popular votes are enough to prove Trump’s support in this country. But in the divided society that he has nourished, how many people like him will hate him. 

No matter outside the White House, the Deep Blue zone or on social media, people who have been fed up with Trump’s anti-intellectual, contempt of justice, and incitement of racism, did not hesitate to ridicule everything in a mean manner, and celebrate the four years under his rule will finally come to an end. .

For Trump, the “lame duck” (referring to a public official who lost power due to the expiration of his term) president, he has to face far more than being ridiculed and political frustration, challenging the law during his prime and the presidency The troubles caused will eventually take back him and even his family in the form of litigation.

President-elect Joe Biden, his wife Jill Biden, and members of the Biden family, along with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, her husband Doug Emhoff stand on stage Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Trump is Loser ?

Beginning on November 6, a truck carrying a huge billboard has been circling outside the White House. On the billboard is a huge “LOSER” entry and a portrait of Trump. The truck was dispatched by a political action committee against Trump. They said that such an action was to defeat “Trump and the Republican traitors.”

As he wished, Biden confirmed his victory in the general election the next day, turning Trump into a literal campaign loser.

Social media users have not let Trump go. After Biden won the election, when he searched for “Loser” on Twitter, Trump’s account once became the first associated result; when he searched for “Winner”, the results pointed to Biden and Harris. The Twitter company responded that these results are automatically generated based on the way users use these words on Twitter. When an account and a specific term are frequently mentioned, it will be determined by the algorithm to be related.

Although Trump and Twitter have been “falling in love and killing each other”, he will soon lose the almost unrestricted privilege of “nonsense” here. The company believes that based on “public interest”, national leaders’ tweets that violate its rules can be retained.

From election night to the present, Twitter has hidden 17 of Trump’s tweets to remind users that they are controversial and misleading; they also mark more than ten of his tweets to indicate that the content is controversial, or It is to attach information related links. When Biden confirmed his victory, although Trump was still denouncing the vote-counting issue, Twitter had given up on hiding his tweets on the grounds that “the election is over.”

The Twitter company confirmed that when Biden officially takes office on January 20 next year, Trump will lose the special immunity. Like all other users, he must abide by the Twitter company’s regulations, otherwise his account may be blocked. The company’s statement stated: “(Special exemption) This policy framework applies to current leaders and candidate leaders of countries around the world, and does not apply to ordinary citizens who no longer hold these positions.”

But right now, Trump is still the “traffic king” of Twitter. People who hate him have produced a lot of caricatures or emojis and spread them on the Internet, and there are many metaphorical photos—for example, in a picture of Trump’s speech, the foreground is a clear and bright “exit” sign.

But his intention not to leave the White House couldn’t be more clear. In view of the lack of solid evidence for Trump’s “election fraud” allegations, his team opened a hotline to try to collect evidence of illegal or fraudulent use.

The phone was quickly blown up-but not as evidence of fraud, but as a prank. The people happily called Trump’s “salt on the wound”, mocking him as a “loser”, and some people pretended to be serious about seeing the fraudulent scenes, and asked to speak directly with Trump’s lawyer Giuliani.

However, the biggest ironic news after the defeat came from the Trump team itself. After the media announced that Biden won the election, Trump was persuaded by Giuliani and agreed to let the team hold a press conference, although he himself did not attend. He personally tweeted and announced that a “large press conference” will be held in Philadelphia’s “Four Seasons Total Landscaping”-but don’t get me wrong, this place has nothing to do with the famous Four Seasons Hotel, but a Landscape company. The Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia is not too big a problem, and it tweeted to “confirm” that Trump’s press conference was not held in his home.

Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia clarifies that Trump team’s press conference has nothing to do with itself

Finally, in the small parking lot of this garden company, Giuliani held a “large press conference” to firmly accuse election fraud. According to media reports, the opposite of this gardening company is a crematorium. No one may care what Giuliani said, this venue is incredible enough.

Trump lawyer Giuliani held a press conference in the parking lot of the garden company

Tree fell down

If you forcibly find an explanation for this desolate press conference, I am afraid it can only be because of the tight expenses of the Trump team. After all, whether it is a lawsuit or a recount, it is a big expense. Just checking the votes in Wisconsin is estimated to cost $3.5 million.

Before the results of the election were announced, Republicans were already preparing for the litigation battle, trying to raise at least $60 million. The Republican National Committee sent several emails and text messages to Trump supporters, claiming fraud in the election and seeking donations from them. The email read, “The president is fighting back for the fairness of the election, but he can’t do it alone. He needs you to come forward and join us by donating money to our vital’defense the election fund’.”

Donation website of the Trump team

But not all the money raised by this fund will be used for matters such as vote counting or litigation. The Wall Street Journal reported that more than half of the money raised will be used to repay the debts of the campaign team.

Trump, who tried to fight back with the Jedi, received only a few responses from the party. With regard to remarks such as “election fraud” and “Democrats stealing elections”, in addition to Trump’s sons actively catering to it, many Republicans have stood up to oppose it, and some have chosen to be silent. The better ones are not painful. A statement calling for a count of all legal votes.

The Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, said that he could not defend Trump’s speech because the president’s speech was undermining the American democratic process. “No election or individual is more important than our democracy.” Republican Senator Mitt Romney attacked Trump’s claim that “Democrats are trying to’steal’ votes” on Twitter. He believes Trump’s claim is baseless.

Trump’s ally and senior Senator Graham has also been slow to support the president. When Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that “this is not unexpected,” Graham quickly donated $500,000 to Trump’s fund to show his loyalty.

Trump Jr. retweeted that Graham did not support Trump

After Biden announced his victory, former President Bush Jr. publicly congratulated him. He issued a statement after talking to Biden on the phone, saying: “I extend my warm congratulations to him and thank him for the patriotic message he delivered last night.”

As the leader of the establishment of the Republican Party, Bush Jr. also politely congratulated Trump, “President Trump and his supporters had a difficult campaign, and he won more than 70 million American votes. This is an extraordinary political achievement.” Bush Jr. also said that Trump has the right to raise legal challenges.

However, the “New York Times” believes that Bush Jr’s statement has implied that he believes that Trump is unlikely to succeed, and that as a former president of the Republican Party, this may encourage other Republicans to speak up and pressure Trump to abandon his fight against the established outcome.

It is not just those who have not chosen to stand on Trump’s side. Some people in his advisory team have urged him to prepare for the defeat. According to a CNN report, the president’s side also appeared to be distracted in the matter of refusing to admit defeat. Except for the two sons who insisted on fighting, son-in-law Kushner and first lady Melania both advised him. The fact that Biden was elected should be accepted.

The atmosphere of “trees falling down and scattered” also enveloped the White House. Some assistants who anticipated the defeat have left him. According to reports, Ja’Ron Smith, deputy assistant to the president, sent an e-mail to colleagues on November 6, stating that he would leave. Many people believe that this is just the beginning of a slow collective exodus before the new president takes office.

Biden supporters gathered near the White House

Inescapable lawsuit

Recovering the failure by litigation is the only card Trump can play. Although the consensus is that there is little hope, Trump himself is probably aware of this.

Fox News quoted sources close to the president as saying that although Trump apparently refuses to make concessions, if the lawsuit fails to change the outcome, he intends to “graciously concede” and “willing to transfer power peacefully.”

Regardless of whether Trump admits to losing the election, he cannot stay in the White House. Another popular joke is that Trump has finally experienced the same 2020 as most Americans: he is infected with the new crown, is unemployed, and will soon be driven out by his landlord.

But Trump is still different from ordinary Americans-once he loses his presidency, he will lose the presidential immunity from prosecution, and both federal and state-level criminal and civil investigations will come.

For example, although the investigation report of Mueller, the prosecutor of the “TongRumen” incident, failed to get Trump to be impeached, it also recorded a lot of evidence of his obstruction of justice. Mueller testified to the House Judiciary Committee in July 2019 that once he leaves office, Trump may be prosecuted for obstructing official duties. Before Election Day, New York State Attorney General Letitia James stated that no matter who wins the election, investigations into the Trump family and companies will continue.

New York Manhattan District Attorney Vance (Cyrus Vance) is also continuing to investigate Trump and the Trump Organization’s suspected banking and insurance fraud cases. In addition, Trump is suspected of paying the pornographic film star S Daniels through his former lawyer Cohen. Fee, this matter is not over yet. As for Trump’s unclear tax return is still under audit, it is difficult for him to dispense with the subpoena after he resigns.

There are other large and small cases, such as his campaign team accused of abusing election funds, intimidating and suppressing voters; another example is the federal lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia, claiming that Trump violated the compensation clause of the U.S. Constitution , Let foreign officials stay in their own hotels to make money, all of this.

The investigations triggered by these cases may continue for several years. Brendan Fisher, the federal reform director of the Non-Party Campaign for the Law Center, said, “Once the president leaves office, he may face many criminal charges.”

Although he has become a “lame duck”, Trump is still the president. If he uses his existing power, he may be able to escape some legal sanctions. “Business Insider” analysis said that if you want to protect yourself, it is not impossible. For example, he can immediately resign from the presidency, let Vice President Pence take over the current presidency of the caretaker government, and then use the president’s power to pardon Trump. After the “Watergate Incident,” Nixon resigned as president, and the successor President Ford pardoned all federal crimes he committed and “may have committed” to ensure that Nixon would not be held accountable after he resigned.

However, the presidential amnesty only applies to federal affairs, and local litigation will not be affected by it. Therefore, Trump may inevitably be pursued by prosecutors in New York State. 

Fortunately, Biden promised not to interfere in the work of the Justice Department-he once said, “The Ministry of Justice is the Ministry of Justice, let them decide who should be prosecuted.” This may make Trump a little relieved.

Real estate businessmen, reality TV stars, and amateur presidents have gone through these transitions in roles that are either rich or noble. Waiting for Trump’s next identity will soon be revealed.