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African-American man beaten to death by prison guards exposes shady U.S. prison

by YCPress

According to recent reports by the US media, an African American man died in a prison in Mississippi in 2018.

The prison claimed that the man “died from a heart attack.” However, the recently released prison surveillance video showed this The man was repeatedly beaten by prison guards before his death.

Some American sociologists said that the American prison system has always had problems such as chaotic management and lack of medical protection.

Thousands of people have “abnormally died” in prisons, and the abuses suffered by ethnic minorities are even more serious.

The African-American man is named Harvey Hill. In May 2018, he was detained in a prison in Madison County, Mississippi, for illegal invasion.

Not long after he was put in prison, Harvey’s family was suddenly notified by the prison that Harvey had passed away due to a “heart attack,” but did not disclose any details.

Harvey Hill’s family, Katrina : When they (prison) called, they only told us that Harvey had died. Said he died of a heart attack.

The truth of Harvey’s death was not revealed until the US media released the surveillance video on the day of the incident. The video shows that Harvey first clashed with prison guards in the prison restaurant and was beaten by multiple prison guards.

Some prison guards attacked Harvey even after he was handcuffed. Later, several prison guards dragged Harvey into a room that the surveillance camera could not take. The last time Harvey appeared was in an isolation cell, where he eventually died.

The prison had previously explained that some prison guards had taken Harvey to the infirmary, but surveillance showed that Harvey had not received any treatment in the infirmary.

Harvey Hill’s family, Katerina : My brother was tortured. He knew he was going to die, but no one could help him. They could definitely help him, but they didn’t.

Harvey’s family said that the autopsy showed that Harvey’s death was caused by “homicide,” but the prison has always denied this, saying that Harvey has always been very “aggressive” in prison, so the prison guards also used force against him.

“Normal Process”. So far, no prison personnel have been prosecuted for Harvey’s death.

American Sociologist: Thousands of People in US Prisons “Dead Unnaturally”

Harvey’s death is not a case. According to incomplete statistics provided by Reuters, from 2008 to 2019, at least 7,500 detainees in 500 prisons in the United States died.

In this regard, some American sociologists pointed out that the American prison system has always had problems such as chaotic management, dereliction of duty by guards, and lack of medical protection.

These are also the main reasons for the “unnormal deaths” of American detainees. The proportion of deaths is higher. Previously, the U.S. government had collected such data, but then classified such information as “government secrets” and has not been disclosed.