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African-American in the United States was shot and killed by a police officer: the police tried to take out a stun gun but took the real one by mistake

African-American in the United States was shot and killed by a police officer: the police tried to take out a stun gun but took the real one by mistake

April 13 reported that an African-American man in Minnesota, USA, was shot and killed by police during a traffic check, triggering local protests. The police said on the 12th that the policeman who fired the gun mistakenly used the pistol as a stun gun and has been suspended.

At noon on the 12th local time, the local police held a press conference. Police Chief Tim Gannon said that the shooting was an “accidental incident.” The police mistakenly used a pistol as a stun gun. The Mingzhou Criminal Investigation Bureau is investigating.

According to reports, the African-American man is 20-year-old Daunte Wright (Daunte Wright). On the afternoon of the 11th, Wright was stopped by the police for a traffic violation and was shot by the police during the negotiation. He then drove away and crashed a few streets away, where he was pronounced dead on the spot.

According to the police statement, law enforcement police stopped a driver who violated the regulations and then discovered that the driver had an unexecuted arrest warrant. But when the police tried to arrest the driver, the driver returned to the car. A policeman immediately opened fire and hit the driver. The car ran into another car after driving several blocks, and a female passenger in the car suffered minor injuries.

The police announced the footage taken by the police body camera at a press conference on the 12th. In the video, three police officers walked to the car. When the police tried to handcuff Wright, he was struggling violently. In the chaos, Wright climbed into the driver’s seat, and a female police officer shouted: “Stun gun! Stun gun! Stun gun!” After the female police officer fired a pistol, the car sped away and you could listen. At this moment she said: “Oh my God! I hit him.”

Gannon said at the press conference that the police made a mistake, “The officer drew a pistol instead of a stun gun.” He said, “The bullet was accidentally fired, causing Wright’s tragic death. I can’t say anything to mitigate Wright. If the family feels painful.”

He declined to give the name of the policeman who shot, but said she was “very senior.” He also did not directly respond to the question of whether she would be fired.

The mayor of Brooklyn Center Elliott called the shooting a “complete tragedy.” He said: “We will do everything we can to ensure that justice is done and our community is restored to integrity.”

White House Spokesperson Psaki said that President Biden has listened to the briefing of the shooting and watched the live video, but has not yet spoken to Wright’s family. The White House is in contact with governors, mayors and local law enforcement agencies.

Biden said that this is “really a tragedy, but I think we must wait for the results of the investigation to come out.” He also appealed to the public not to protest violently.

The report pointed out that the Wright incident occurred at a time when the local atmosphere in Mingzhou was already tense. The case of Freud, an African-American man who was “kneeled and killed” by the police, is being heard in the court recently.

This caused public protests again. On the evening of the 11th, demonstrators clashed with the police. They were driven away by the police with tear gas and rubber bullets.

About 20 businesses in a local commercial center were damaged. On the morning of the 12th, the National Guard and law enforcement officers continued to guard in front of the Brooklyn Central Police Station.

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