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Afghan roadside bomb attack killed 5 and injured 7

by YCPress

April 2nd, Afghan local time, there were two roadside bomb attacks, killing five civilians and injuring seven civilians.

Omar Zwak, spokesman of the Helmand provincial government in southern Afghanistan, told the media on the 2nd that at noon that day, a car was attacked by a roadside bomb, killing all five passengers on the spot.

Jailani Farhad, spokesman for the government of Herat Province in western Afghanistan, said that a bus was hit by a roadside bomb at about 8 a.m., injuring seven civilians.

No organization or individual has claimed to have caused these two attacks.

The Afghan government and the Taliban launched peace talks in Qatar in September 2020, which progressed slowly due to their huge differences. Taliban forces frequently attack the army, police, officials and government agencies, and the government has not relaxed its fight against the Taliban.