About half of the hospitalized patients in London are infected with the novel coronavirus.

On December 14th, local time, nurses at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York were preparing to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. On the same day, Pfizer's first batch of nearly 3 million doses of coronavirus vaccine arrived all over the United States. Photo by Liao Pan, reporter of China News Service

As the number of coronavirus hospitalizations surges, some hospitals in England can only treat coronavirus cases, the BBC reported on January 7.

According to Reuters on the 7th, England’s coronavirus testing and tracking plan said on Thursday that the number of positive coronavirus cases in England increased by 24% in the week ending December 30.

It is reported that there are now 26,500 patients with the novel coronavirus in the hospital, which means that nearly one-third of the patients are hospitalized for the novel coronavirus infection.

In London, about half of the patients under treatment have contracted the novel coronavirus. This has forced many hospitals to cancel treatment for other diseases, including cancer care.

The number of coronavirus cases in England has risen by more than 50% since Christmas.

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