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A wedding… 24 people died

by YCPress

A couple in Washington, D.C., held a 300-person wedding, killing 24 people from the novel coronavirus.

According to the local media The Three Cities Herald in Washington on the 11th, the health department of Grant County, Washington, said recently that a couple held a 300-person wedding on November 7, causing the cluster spread of the novel coronavirus and killing at least 24 people.

The couple from Grant County reportedly violated Washington state’s coronavirus ban and held a wedding of 300 guests in an airplane hangar near Leedsville.

Some of the guests at the wedding were staff of the long-term care center, which led to the place. Two care centers broke out of the epidemic.

At first, local health officials said they could not directly link the wedding to the death of COVID-19 because no one was found to attend the wedding, but in a statement issued by the local health department on the evening

December 10 local time, they confirmed that a person who died of COVID-19 and a Wedding Guest Related His infection caused the spread of the virus, killing 24 people from the coronavirus.

According to the regulations, the wedding ceremony in the area during the coronavirus epidemic should not exceed 30 guests. And the wedding of 300 people far exceeded the required number.

And some people believed to have attended the wedding also refused to cooperate with public health officials.

They denied attending the event or unwilling to answer the phone calls from investigators, who are trying to further track their contacts.