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US policeman who shot and killed at least 3 people while on duty will still receive high compensation after leaving

by YCPress

November 19th. According to a report by the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on the 19th, a policeman in the suburbs of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, USA, has shot and killed 3 people during his duty since 2015, including one. The teenager who was shot in February 2020. 

Recently, the relevant authorities have approved the police officer’s resignation agreement, and he is expected to receive about US$130,000 in compensation.

According to reports, the police officer involved was named Joseph Mensa. Earlier, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office had ruled that the three shooting incidents involving Mensa were legitimate defenses.

On the evening of November 17 the Wovatosa Joint Committee approved the resignation agreement reached with Mensa, which will take effect on November 30.

According to the agreement, Mensa will receive salaries for the next 13 months, severance pay of $15,000, all wages before resignation, and accrued vacation and overtime expenses. Relevant departments will also pay him 19,500 US dollars under the deferred compensation plan and pay him 13 months of medical insurance.

Wawatosa Mayor Dennis McBride said that after Mensa’s resignation, the authorities will have to pay him about $130,000.

McBride said, “It sounds like a lot of money, but compared to the attorney fees the city government paid for him (Mensah), and the attorney fees we spent on the hearings held by the police and fire committees, It’s actually much less.”

According to reports, in February 2020, Mensa once fired five shots at 17-year-old black teenager Alvin Cole outside a shopping mall, resulting in Cole’s death. Although Mensa stated that he fired because Cole pointed the gun at him, the incident still triggered public protests. Allegedly, the protests lasted for several months, during which the protesters demanded that the relevant authorities fire Mensa.

After a complaint from the family of Jay Anderson, another man who was shot by Mensa, Mensa was suspended by the Wovatosa City Police and Fire Commission. Allegedly, in 2016, Mensa found Anderson sitting in a car in a city park, and then shot him to death. According to the police, in 2015, a man named Antonio Gonzalez was shot and killed by Mensa for refusing to put down his sword.

Earlier, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm clarified that Mensa did not commit any crimes in Cole’s death. However, an independent investigator hired by the committee recommended that Mensa be fired.

Investigator Steven Biskupic wrote in his report released on October 7, 2020 that the fourth fatal shooting that may occur in Mensa in the future may bring huge damage to the police station and the city. And unnecessary risks.