Home Politics A U.S. Representative from Michigan announced his withdrawal from the Republican Party for reasons related to Trump.
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A U.S. Representative from Michigan announced his withdrawal from the Republican Party for reasons related to Trump.

by YCPress

Today, a Republican congressman in the United States who had always supported the policies of President Trump suddenly announced that he would officially withdraw from the Republican Party and become an independent congressman.

Because he really feels that he really can’t stand the ugly appearance of Trump and the Republican Party in this U.S. election.

The Republican congressman who decided to leave the party is named Paul Mitchell, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan.

In an open letter to the U.S. Republican leader, Mitchell said that he actually supports many of the policies of US President Trump. He has supported Trump in the House 95% of his two terms in the past four years and voted for Trump in this year’s election because he feels that Trump Many of the policies of the popular government are positive for the United States, while many of the policies of the Democratic Party are too radical and inconsistent with his principles. He also said that he had also actively raised a lot of campaign funds for the Republican Party over the past few years. In short, he thinks he has no debts to Trump and the Republican Party.

Next, Mitchell throws out the main points in his letter. He said that although many people in the United States dispute the outcome of the election, Trump and his legal team have been slow to produce any evidence of large-scale cheating in the U.S. election, and the recount shows that he has lost. Therefore, he believes that Trump should accept the result of the election, rather than ruin the American electoral system, and constantly provoke distrust of the electoral system by making the United States like it were from “third world countries” for his own political interests.

He also said that he could not accept Trump’s rushing to attack the U.S. Supreme Court justice just because he refused to admit defeat.

In addition, he was very disappointed to expose that the Republican Party was not entangled with the election results to defend the U.S. Constitution and the voting system, and that the Republican Party was motivated by political self-interest.

Therefore, he believes that the allegations and conspiracy theories that the Republican Party of the United States continue to tolerate and even support Trump are unfounded about the U.S. electoral system are wrong and will undermine the United States and its democracy. But because his opposition voice could not change the direction of the Republican Party now, he decided to withdraw from the Republican Party.

Screenshot from Mitchell’s exit letter

At present, Mitchell’s open letter has become one of the hottest topics on social networks in the United States. Many American netizens are praising Mitchell as a dignified and well-believing politician.

But some Trump supporters disdainfully said that Mitchell had previously announced that he would retire after finishing his current term (i.e. early next year), so he just set up an “paiway” for himself before retirement.