Home Criminal A Swiss woman diplomat has been raped and killed in Thailand, Thai man had been arrested on suspicion of murder
A Swiss woman diplomat has been raped and killed in Thailand, Thai man had been arrested on suspicion of murder

A Swiss woman diplomat has been raped and killed in Thailand, Thai man had been arrested on suspicion of murder

by YCPress

The body of a Swiss tourist has been found in the Thai resort of Phuket. Thai police announced on August 8th that a Thai man had been arrested on suspicion of murder. It is reported that the case has attracted much public attention, because the identity of the murdered woman is a Swiss diplomat.

On 5 August, Phuket police received a report that a woman’s body had been found naked, wearing pink underwear, a jacket over his face, face down on a black cloth, her legs soaked in water and her legs swollen.

Police found panties, denim shorts, sneakers and mobile phones near the body, which were the victim’s belongings.

The victim’s name was reported to be Nicole Sauvain-Weisskopf, 57, a Swiss national. According to local media reports, Savin Viskov is the deputy head of the German Foreign Affairs Protocol Department of the Swiss Federal Parliament.

Savin-Viskov travels to Phuket, Thailand, through the Phuket Travel Sandbox Program and enjoys no isolation. On 13 July, she arrived in Phuket by plane from Singapore.

Surveillance showed the victim walking towards the beach on August 3

Swiss Woman Raped And Killed In Thailand Phuket

She was last seen at 2pm on August 3. Staff at her hotel witnessed her leaving the hotel alone for the beach. For the next two days, she was silent and the hotel was not alerted. It wasn’t until two days later that her body was found in a waterfall.

Thai National Police Chief Suwa police said the suspect, a professional wild orchid picker, has been successfully arrested.

After examining the surrounding area, the police questioned all those who had passed by and found that the man was suspiciously identified and had scratches on his body, which led to a rigorous examination, which resulted in the man admitting guilt.

Local police revealed more information about the suspect: Theerawut TorTip, a Phuket native, 27, has no permanent employment and lives not far from the scene of the incident.

The suspect Theerawut TorTip

On the 3rd of this month, Theerawut entered the forest and saw Savim-Viskov and then raped him, but the victim struggled, and he choked him into the water until the victim drowned and then abandoned his body and fled the scene.

At a news conference by telephone and accompanied by a lawyer, the suspect, Theerawut, said he had taken about 300 baht (about 58 yuan) after killing Savin Viskov. He added: “I would like to apologize to the victims’ families and implore all Thais to forgive me.” ”

The police found the victim’s bodyj

Major General Nantadej Yoinual, who is in charge of southern Thailand, said Theerawut confessed after being questioned. Police looking at nearby CCTV footage narrowed the search to the owner of a motorcycle, the suspect, who appeared about the same time the victim went to the waterfall.

The case casts a shadow over Phuket’s “sandboxing program”. Phuket is open to visitors from low-risk countries with Coronavirus outbreaks and Coronavirus vaccinations from 1 July. According to Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Palas re-opening, this is the “first step” in Thailand’s reopening and “a matter of tourism across Thailand”.

Phuket will be open to eligible foreign tourists from July 1 under the “sandbox plan” approved by the Thai government in late June. These conditions include: low-risk countries identified by the Thai government as Coronavirus outbreaks, completion of Coronavirus vaccination, negative reporting of coronavirus testing within 72 hours, and coverage of Coronavirus treatment with a guarantee of more than $100,000. Eligible foreign visitors are exempt from quarantine upon arrival on the island, but are subject to three coronavirus tests at their own expense, at a total cost of approximately $300.

More than 16,000 people have arrived in Phuket since the program was launched on July 1.