Home Politics A soldier at the U.S. Blisburg Base drew his gun during a fight and killed a newly retired veteran.
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A soldier at the U.S. Blisburg Base drew his gun during a fight and killed a newly retired veteran.

by YCPress

Something happened again at the U.S. military base. According to the U.S. military news website Military on February 13, El Paso police recently accused a soldier at Blissburg, Texas, of shooting and killing a retired soldier.

According to the news released by El Paso on the 11th, a fight broke out in a parking lot in downtown El Paso at midnight local time on February 8, during which sergeant Marcus Lamar Hill, 23, told 26-year-old Darion Marquez Wi. lliams) Shoot.

Williams died after being taken to the hospital. Police arrested Hill and another 29-year-old sergeant Brandon Rishad King in the early morning of the 8th at a traffic checkpoint in Blisburg.

Hill is currently being held in custody on charges of murdering Williams and is on bail of $750,000.

Rishad King was accused of illegally carrying a gun and was released under the guarantee of others.

According to the report, Allie Payne, spokesman for the Blisburg base, has confirmed that Hill and Rishad King are from the base, and Williams has also served at Blisburg base and has just retired on January 28.

Payne said in a statement that the actions in the above cases were “an insult to the values of the U.S. Army” and that “we express our condolences to those affected by this bad incident.”

The statement added that officials at Blisburg Base, law enforcement and the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command are cooperating with the El Paso Police Department’s investigation.

Recently, there have been frequent incidents at the U.S. military base. In April 2020, Vanessa Guillen, a 20-year-old female soldier, was sexually assaulted and dismembered at the Fort Hood military base in Texas.

The suspect, also a soldier, committed suicide before the police arrested him. As of September 2020, at least 26 soldiers had died at Fort Hood that year, CBS-owned KWTX.

In January, a soldier at Blisburg Base was accused of sexually assaulting three women over the past year, one of whom a 19-year-old woman died on December 31, 2020.

At the end of January, 11 soldiers from Blisburg Base were sent to the hospital for drinking antifreeze by mistake during field training. Preliminary investigations show that the soldiers thought they drank alcoholic drinks.