Home Politics A situation that Biden didn’t expect has happened!
A situation that Biden didn't expect has happened!

A situation that Biden didn’t expect has happened!

by YCPress

Just now, the latest U.S. vote counting results showed that a U.S. President Trump never thought that he would lose, and even his challenger Biden did not think that he would win a key state, and it may be Trump.

This state is Georgia, which has not been lost by Republican presidential candidates since 1996. Public data shows that in the six U.S. presidential elections in the past 24 years, Georgia has been won by the Republican Party regardless of the winners of the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates.

Therefore, after the beginning of the general election, Trump has maintained a lead in the state for a long time. Although this lead is not obvious, Trump still said in a very positive tone when he addressed his supporters. He will securely win Georgia. Even Biden said that although he thinks he has a chance in Georgia, it is not in his plan to win this state.

Until the point of 94% of the voting rate, Trump still leads Biden in Georgia with more than 100,000 votes.

But as many mailed votes in support of Biden in the state’s Atlanta and other big cities began to be counted, Biden suddenly began to work hard. As of 2 pm on November 6th, Beijing time, Biden was only poor in the state. Trump has hundreds of votes.

Then, at 6 o’clock in the evening on the 6th, at the node of 99% of the voting rate, Biden’s strong staying power also made him surpass Trump and lead Trump by nearly 1,000 votes.

Although this is not the final result of the state, the fact that Biden can surpass Trump at this point will inevitably affect the development prospects of the U.S. election and have a heavy impact on Trump’s re-election. You know, after Trump lost the two crucial “battlefields” of Michigan and Wisconsin in the early hours of the 5th Beijing time, the pro-Trump conservative media Fox News is analyzing how Trump can win. At that time, Georgia was counted as a state that Trump could win by default.

Many people who follow the U.S. election did not expect Trump to lose Georgia. Before the 6th, the results of Nevada and Arizona were more concerned on American social media, because Biden won as long as they won these two places. .

Therefore, after the accidental loss of Georgia, Trump may only have the possibility of winning the election “in theory”. After all, in Pennsylvania, Biden quickly followed Trump with the “stay” of mailing votes.

Therefore, the only thing Trump can do, and what they are doing, is to desperately accuse Biden of “cheating”, saying that the mailed votes supporting him are “falsified.” But he has not produced any real evidence yet.