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The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Germany has exceeded 1.6 million, and mutant strains have been found.

A player of Japanese basketball national team was diagnosed with COVID-19

by YCPress

The Japan Basketball Association revealed on 22nd that a player of the Japanese men’s national basketball training team has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, and the training of the national team has also been forced to end.

According to Kyodo News Agency, the Japanese national team originally planned to hold a week of intensive training at the National Training Center in Tokyo until the end of the 26th, but the Chiba Jets of the Japanese Basketball League announced on the 21st that two players in the team were diagnosed with infection, and one of them participated in the national team training camp after testing.

Three of the Chiba Jets have been selected for the national team, but the Japan Basketball Association did not disclose the names of the infected players.

The Japanese men’s basketball team was originally scheduled to participate in two matches in Group B of the Asian Cup qualifier in late November against Malaysia and China, but the match was postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

There are 19 players who participated in the training of the Japanese national team. All of them have been tested for nucleic acid before, and all of them were negative. Therefore, the infected players are presumed to have been “caught” after returning to the club after the test.

Japan’s national fencing team also confirmed an athlete on the 20th, and the Japan Fencing Association has asked everyone to stop training and stay at home.

Japan has recently been hit by a new wave of epidemics. According to the statistics of the Japan Broadcasting Association TV station, 2,586 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus were reported in Japan on the 21st, and the number of new cases exceeded 2,500 for the first time in a single day.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiro Kan said that the number of new infections continues to hit a new high, and stronger epidemic prevention measures are needed.