Home LifestyleHealth A Japanese man was arrested for hiding the coronavirus illness in hot springs.
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A Japanese man was arrested for hiding the coronavirus illness in hot springs.

by YCPress

Police in Saitama Prefecture, Japan arrested a middle-aged man in Kasugabe on suspicion of obstructing business and other charges on the 2nd. In July, he left the hospital without permission during his hospitalization due to COVID-19. After returning home, he went to the hot spring and hid his condition, which forced the hot spring operator to disinfect the relevant facilities.

Yahoo Japan News did not disclose the name of the man in the report. It only said that he was 49 years old and a construction worker. After developing fever and other symptoms, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July 16. He was admitted to a hospital in Hano City, Saitama Prefecture for treatment. At that time, his condition was relatively serious. However, he left the hospital without reporting on the evening of July 30 and returned home by taxi. Earlier the next day, he drove a car to a hot spring in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, but hid his illness from the hot spring operator.

After the hospital found that the man was missing on July 31, he notified his family, who reported it to the police. Later that day, police found the man’s car in the hot spring parking lot and then found him. Before soaking in hot springs, he also “passed” to his work place in Sanxiang City, Saitama Prefecture. Afterwards, he said, “If I don’t work, the company’s performance will decline.” He also argued that he went to the spa facilities to “bathe bath”.

Kyodo News Agency quoted the Saitama Prefecture government as reporting that no one in Onsen had close contact with the man at that time. However, hot spring operators have to disinfect the relevant facilities.

According to the Saitama Prefecture police, the police received about 300 complaints within 10 days after the man concealed his condition. The operating income of hot springs is also affected.