Home Politics A helicopter crashed in Sinai, 6 US soldiers died

A helicopter crashed in Sinai, 6 US soldiers died

by YCPress

On the 12th local time, according to a number of foreign media citing official Israeli sources, eight members of the

“Multinational Observer Force (MFO)” were killed in a helicopter crash in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.

A helicopter crashed in Sinai 6 US soldiers died

The BBC cited Israeli sources as saying that there were nine people on board, and six Americans, one French and one Czech are known to have been killed. 

According to the Associated Press, another American who survived the accident has been sent to hospital for treatment. 

The Israeli military stated that they have provided assistance to help rescue the wounded at the scene. 

MFO also confirmed that they are investigating a helicopter incident, but did not disclose specific details.

The US-based MFO is based on the 1979 “Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty” and has been implemented in the Sinai Peninsula since 1982.

The main task is to investigate the deployment and activities of the Egyptian and Israeli armies, and monitor the armistice. 

According to foreign media reports, the MFO currently consists of 1,154 military personnel from 13 countries

with 452 members from the United States.