Home Business A dog in the United States “inherited” $5 million in inheritance.
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A dog in the United States “inherited” $5 million in inheritance.

by YCPress

The owner of an American border collie died, so it “inherited” $5 million.

The 8-year-old collie named Lulu lives in Nashville, Tennessee and previously lived with owner Bill Doris.

Doris, a successful businessman, was unmarried for life and died at the end of last year.

The Associated Press reported on the 12th that Doris’ will stated that a trust fund would be set up with a $5 million estate to take care of “Lulu”.

This border collie is currently in the care of Doris’s good friend Martha Burton.

While Doris was traveling, Burton took care of Lulu for him.

She said, “He (Doris) really loves this dog.”

Burton is not sure whether Lulu can spend $5 million.

She said, “I will try.” Under the trust fund arrangement, Burton can reimburse each month for the “reasonable amount” of expenses of caring for Lulu.