Home Politics A disturbance caused by discrimination against women was calmed down by a woman.
A disturbance caused by discrimination against women was calmed down by a woman.

A disturbance caused by discrimination against women was calmed down by a woman.

by YCPress

Seiko Hashimoto, who has participated in four Winter Olympics and three Summer Olympics, and has passed the double test of “ice and fire”, officially became the chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee on the 18th.

A disturbance caused by discrimination against women ended in the upper position of a woman.

Five days before the opening of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, Seiko Hashimoto was born in Hokkaido.

The “Saint” in her name refers to the Olympic flame. As a speed skater and cyclist, she is the most female athlete in Japanese history, spanning 12 years from 1984 to 1996.

Seiko Hashimoto’s best result was a bronze medal in speed 1500 meters at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.

Her best record in cycling was fifth at the Seoul Olympics. In 1996, she retired after participating in the Atlanta Olympics.

Like her sports career, Seiko Hashimoto’s political career is also very legendary. She was elected to the Senate a year before her retirement, and was re-elected three times in a row.

In September 2019, she was appointed by then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as Olympic Minister and Active Minister of Women. In September last year, Kan Yiwei took over as Prime Minister of Japan and asked her to stay in office.

While engaging in political activities, Hashimoto has never left the sports world. She served as the president of the Japan Cycling Association and the Japan Skating Association, and once served as the vice chairman of the Japan Olympic Committee, and served as the head of the Japanese delegation to the 2010 Winter Olympics, the 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics. , the first female Olympic delegation in Japanese history.

Seiko Hashimoto is known as the “Iron Lady” in sports. She has a hot personality and does not go the ordinary way in his personal emotional life. In 1998, she married former football player Katsuhiko Ishizaki, who lived with three children.

Later, the two had three children and became the mother of six children. In 2000, she became the first female suffragm in Japanese history to give birth to a baby. According to media reports, she was still at work until two hours before the birth of the child.

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee has been established since January 2014, and the chairmanship has been held by former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori. Seiko Hashimoto took office as chairman, which is of great symbolic significance.

The Executive Committee of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee originally had an honorary chairman and a chairman, six vice-chairmen, a special director and two executive directors. None of these senior positions are women, and only at the directorial level can women be seen. Even out of 25 councilors, only 7 are women.

Some Japanese media said that Mori Yoshiro’s speech on February 3 caused accusations from all over Japan and caused major disturbances internationally because of this deep-rooted inequality between men and women in Japanese society. In fact, it is not only the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, but also only 5 women in the 24-member executive committee of the Japanese Olympic Committee.

Yoshiro Mori’s discriminatory speech was aimed at the Japanese Olympic Committee’s increase in female directors. Yoshiro Mori said at the time: “The meeting with women is too long. And women have a strong sense of competition. One must say the other after saying it.

However, some Japanese media believe that Seiko Hashimoto’s appointment only solves the face problem of Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, because the position of Olympic Organizing Committee is largely an honorary title, otherwise he would not have been held by retired Yoshiro Mori.

Seiko Hashimoto has always been a strong supporter of the Tokyo Olympic Games. When Japan was hit by the second wave of the epidemic last year, the outside world was not optimistic about the prospects for hosting the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Even Yoshiro Mori also made some ambiguous speeches.

Seiko Hashimoto publicly said that he would “host the Olympic Games at all costs”, which made people suddenly “there is no in Japan. One person is a man” sigh.

Of course, Seiko Hashimoto is not without controversy, but also because she is too strong. At the celebration banquet after the closing ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Seiko Hashimoto, as the head of the delegation, forcibly kissed Daisuke Takahashi, a handsome figure skating man, which once caused a great uproar.

Fortunately, Seiko Hashimoto apologized after the event. Daisuke Takahashi also said that he had not been offended, and the disturbance quickly subsided.

In any case, with five months to go before the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Neiyu has finally come to an end, and it is time to prepare for the details of the event.