Home Politics “A day to shake the country”, what happened to American democracy?
"A day to shake the country", what happened to American democracy?

“A day to shake the country”, what happened to American democracy?

by YCPress

January 6th, local time, on the day of a joint meeting between the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States to certify the results of the U.S. election, a large-scale demonstration took place in Washington, the capital of the United States, the main goal of which was the Capitol, which symbolizes the supreme legislative power of the United States.

Parade protests, gunfires, bloody clashes… The scene of the U.S. Capitol turned into a battlefield shocked the world, and the already-sacn American democracy was even more decent.

This is the first time that the U.S. Capitol has been broken by the outside world since the British occupation and arson of Washington, D.C., in 1814.

The British Guardian said that the scene of protesters rushing into the Capitol and meeting rooms and clashing with the police was “shocking Americans”.

German Foreign Minister Mass compared this to the “Restag Arson Case” planned by the Nazi Party of Germany in 1933. He tweeted on Twitter that “the violence caused by inflammatory remarks once took place in the Berlin Parliament Building, and now this scene is in the Parliament Building in Washington.”

The violent attack on Congress undoubtedly shakes the cornerstone of the “democracy beacon” of the United States. For many years, the United States has been proud of the no violence in the process of power transfer.

Even if there have been two times in the past 20 years when candidates win the general election but lose the general election, the losing party has adhered to political etiquette, admitted defeat with dignity, and called on supporters to accept the election results.

However, in this election, the loser always refused to admit defeat, conspiracy theories such as “election corruption” and “election fraud” spread freely through social networks, constantly stimulating nearly half of Americans, and eventually resulting in today’s bitter consequences.

French Foreign Minister Ludrian said that “the violence in the Reichstag is a serious attack on democracy”.

If the outside world has only been discussing in theory over the past few months about how the 2020 election will affect American democracy, the “all-arms” on Capitol Hill on January 6 really shows the danger of shaking the cornerstone of American democracy.” 

In my recent memory, there has never been a “24-hour incident” that can shake the two presidents of the United States, Congress and the country itself so much as it happened on Wednesday (6th). Seb, executive editor of The Wall Street Journal in Washington, D.C., lamented in his comments.

The violent attacks on Congress have exposed the highly torn reality of American society. In fact, not only Washington, but also many states in the United States on the 6th witnessed violence that hit the legislature and so on.

According to the U.S. Capitol Hill, there have been violent incidents in Utah, Georgia, Washington, California and Kansas, such as protesters attacking the state capitol building or the governor’s mansion.

One after another of violence highlights the reality that American society and politics are highly opposed and public opinion is extremely torn. In the past four years, the conflict between the left and right political forces in the United States has intensified.

Since 2020, there have been many incidents of black people who have been violently enforced by white police and even killed, violentlying a series of deep social contradictions such as systemic racial discrimination in the United States, police abuse of violence, and violations of minority rights.

Dew is all right. However, instead of making efforts to bridge domestic differences, the President of the United States has repeatedly made statements that are considered to support extreme right and white supremacists, further exacerbating and stimulating antagonism within American society.

In condemning the riot, former U.S. President Clinton said that the riot was a concentrated outbreak of political division in the United States over four years.

The violent attack on Congress completely tore the mask of the American “democratic guardian”. As an important part of the “soft power” of the United States, “American democracy” has always been an important tool for the United States to manage the global image, and also the “strong tool” for the United States to export American values and seek global hegemony.

Over the past few years, the United States has always habitually dictating and talking about other countries’ elections, and often interferes in other countries’ internal affairs on the grounds of “election fraud”. However, now, the violence publicly staged in the center of American politics undoubtedly nails the image of the American “democratic” Guardian to the stigma.

Polyyansky, Russia’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, satirically said that the scene in Washington resembled the scene on Independence Square in Kiev when the United States instigated the color revolution in Ukraine in 2014; a statement by the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the aggressive policies of the United States had brought pain to other countries, and the United States is now suffering.

This pain; Mohammed Safa, Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations, made a “god’s comment”: if the United States sees what the United States is doing to the United States, the United States will certainly invade the United States and liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.