Home Criminal A Chinese man killed by a shotgun in the U.S.
A Chinese man killed by a shotgun in the U.S.

A Chinese man killed by a shotgun in the U.S.

by YCPress

A Chinese man killed by a shotgun in the U.S. leaving 4 children behind. The suspect was sentenced to 26 years in prison

Suspect Hudson (Source: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office)

November 7, 2018. In 2018, a Chinese man was shot and killed by a young man in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. Aside from him, two other people were injured. On November 5th local time, the assailant American youth was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

According to foreign media reports such as the American “Kansas Star” and the British “Daily Mail”, the Jackson County Circuit Court of Kansas City issued a verdict on the 5th against the 20-year-old American youth Hudson. He was eventually sentenced to 26 years in prison. . In February 2020, the jury convicted Hudson of second-degree murder and five other charges.

Kansas City local media pointed out that the attack occurred on August 1, 2018. Court documents show that witnesses reported to the police that they saw a man using a shotgun to shoot at others in the street. The police then arrested Hudson, who was 18 years old at the time. Hudson shot a total of 3 people, among which Hao Xindong, a Chinese citizen, died on the spot. When he was found, several shotgun shells were left beside him.

Witnesses claimed that Hudson beat Mr. Hao with the end of a shotgun after firing multiple shots at him. Of the other two victims, one was hit by bullets in the neck and back. Another person was bruised by a bullet while sitting on the truck. Hudson later told the police that he thought Mr. Hao knew a man who had quarreled with him before. The man who had argued with him was also one of the victims of the shooting.

According to the police, after shooting and wounding, Hudson threw the bloody shotgun into the ditch and then called his family. After his family arrived, the assailant fought with relatives again, and was subsequently captured by the police who came to the police. Police said the suspect was under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs (PCP) during the attack.

Regarding Mr. Hao, who was unfortunately killed, the police said earlier that the Chinese man just walked into the scene and became the target of the gunman for no reason. It is reported that Mr. Hao just arrived in Kansas City on July 30. He and his wife have 4 children. Someone at the scene reminded Mr. Hao that there is danger ahead, but Mr. Hao’s friends said that he may not understand his English because of his poor English, so he continued to move forward and was eventually implicated.