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U.S. media: The 2021 Oscars will be held offline in accordance with the tradition.

93 YEARS Oscar insists on offline? Media: The format of the event has not been finalized.

by YCPress

According to Variety on December 1, the 93rd Academy Awards next year will still be held in the traditional way of live attendance, and will not be presented online instead of the Emmy Awards in September this year. This is the inside news Variety learned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Academies) and television broadcaster ABC.

Affected by the epidemic, the 2021 Oscars will be two months later than usual, and it is scheduled to be held on April 25th, still at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. At present, theaters in the Los Angeles area are still closed, and Oscar organizers hope that the award ceremony will be held at the Dolby Theatre as scheduled next spring. The theater has 3,400 seats, and some award participants revealed that the college has also recently held a rehearsal to test how to meet the epidemic prevention requirements under different circumstances.

It is not clear what security measures will be taken for the ceremony, and it is not certain how many guests will attend at that time. After all, there are many filmmakers over 70s in the potential nominations, such as Anthony Hopkins, 82, Alan Burstin, 88, Sophia Rowland, 86, and 72 years old. Wei Strazein and Meryl Streep, 71 years old, etc. The number of infections in the United States has exceeded 13.7 million, and the Los Angeles area has more than 400,000 infections. The elderly are vulnerable.

The coronavirus epidemic has forced the college to change its rules to allow films that have not been shown in theaters, only streaming or online on demand to run for major awards. The registration deadline has also been extended from December 31 to February 28 next year.

Before next year’s Oscars, there are also weathervanes such as the Golden Globe Awards (February 28), American Critics’ Choice Award (March 7), Screen Actors Guild Awards (March 14) and British Academy Film Awards (April 11). A spokesperson for the Screen Actors Guild Awards revealed that “the possibility of virtual ceremonies is not ruled out”.

The broadcaster of the Golden Globe Awards said, “still ready to broadcast live at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills”. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the format in which the 2021 Oscars will be held is still not yet finalized. “The American Film Academy can’t even arrange plans for next week, let alone specify the year” – that is to say, everything depends on the health and epidemic situation, and the award season does not rule out various choices and accidents.