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84 new confirmed cases in Vietnam within 24 hours

84 new confirmed cases in Vietnam within 24 hours

by YCPress

According to Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam’s Youth Daily (tuoitrenews), Reuters and other media reports that as of noon local time on January 28, Vietnam reported 82 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing the total number of new confirmed cases that day to 84.

Some Vietnamese media pointed out that this is the largest one-day increase in confirmed cases recorded in Vietnam since January 2020.

According to media reports, after the first two local confirmed cases numbered 1552 and 1553 were found, the relevant departments of Vietnam carried out various measures.

In the subsequent work, 82 new local confirmed cases were found. Of these, 73 confirmed cases were found in Haiyang Province, and the rest were found in Guangning Province.

It is reported that all the new confirmed cases found this time have had direct contact with 1552 and 1553.

According to the previously released information released by Vietnamese media, the first two confirmed cases were 1,552 and 1553rd respectively.

Of these cases (female, 34 years old, Vietnamese nationality), they are workers of a company in Xingdao Township, Zhiling City, Haiyang Province.

The patient has had close contact with a female patient who left Vietnam for Osaka, Japan.

On Tuesday local time, the female patient tested positive for COVID-19 in Japan.

Sources said that she was infected with a strain that recently popular in the UK and was 70% more infectious than the average COVID-19.

The 1553rd confirmed case (male, 31 years old, Vietnamese nationality) is a staff member of Yuntun Airport and lives in Honghefang, Xialong City, Guangning Province.

Due to fever, dry cough, sore throat and other symptoms, he took the initiative to come to the hospital for examination and was diagnosed. At present, the two newly confirmed patients on the 27th have been quarantined and treated at the Dongying Branch of the Central Tropical Hospital of Vietnam.

Reuters previously reported that compared with the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in many countries, this number of confirmed cases is negligible, but due to Vietnam’s strict quarantine, virus testing and tracking measures, the first two confirmed cases were already shocking for Vietnam at first.

Vietnam discovered its first COVID-19 patient on 23 January 2020, according to Vietnamese media citing data from the Ministry of Health.

As of Thursday afternoon (28th) local time, a total of 1,635 confirmed cases have been recorded, of which 1,430 have recovered and 35 have died of COVID-19.