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Heavy rains in Tamil Nadu, India killed 10 people

7 people died in floods in 34 provinces of Thailand

by YCPress

November 2 The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department of the Ministry of Interior of Thailand stated on the 2nd that since early October, 155 counties in 34 provinces in Thailand have suffered from floods.

Mudslides and other disasters caused by heavy rainfall. More than 90,000 households were affected by the disaster, 7 people were died and others were injured.

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation pointed out that continuous heavy rainfall has caused many mountain floods to erupt, and floods are serious. 

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department has joined forces with the military and local governments to help

People affected by the disaster, stepped up drainage and assessment of losses, and provided necessary financial subsidies to the victims.

Thai Deputy Prime Minister Ba Yi led a team to investigate the disaster in Korat, which was most affected by the floods, and distributed

life-saving bags to the victims, asking relevant departments to step up to help the victims tide over the difficulties and rebuild their homes. 

At present, 9 counties in the prefecture are still being flooded, and some roads in the territory are flooded, blocking traffic.

The Meteorological Administration of Thailand issued a typhoon warning announcement on the 2nd, stating that due to the impact of typhoon “Aishani”.

Thailand will usher in a new round of rainfall and strong winds from the 5th to the 7th of this month.

Some areas may cause disasters such as mountain torrents and landslides. People pay attention to safety.