Home Tech 5G network coverage and package price: 5G personal applications are in a very embarrassing state
5G network coverage and package price: 5G personal applications are in a very embarrassing state

5G network coverage and package price: 5G personal applications are in a very embarrassing state

by YCPress

4G changes life, 5G changes the world, and the emergence of 4G has led to the rise of WeChat and webcasting industries. After the emergence of 5G, the changes in life are exciting to think about. The 5G layout has been in place for more than a year. What enhancements need to be made in the ability of 5G to change the world?

Nowadays, major mobile phone brands have launched their own 5G products one after another. How much effort has been made to promote 5G, but in terms of 5G personal applications, the key points are the laying, coverage and price of 5G networks.

At present, although many first-tier cities have established 5G base stations, 5G network coverage has been initially achieved. However, the major operators are fighting for themselves. Although 5G signal coverage has been initially achieved, the signal coverage between different regions is also strong and weak, and the prices of 5G packages of different operators are also different.

5G network coverage issues and package price issues put 5G personal applications in a very embarrassing state. It can be said that the functions of 5G mobile phones are indeed powerful, but the 5G signal is not strong, and the functions of 5G mobile phones cannot be used. After all, the main label of 5G mobile phones is: the ultimate experience of network speed.

In many areas of our country, due to the signal coverage problems of operators and 5G base stations, they may suddenly drop to 4G during the use of 5G networks. Or from one area to another area, and unable to receive 5G signals, these are the problems currently facing the use of 5G networks.

In the early days of the 5G era, what people paid the most attention to or felt most was the various applications for individual users, which is one of the reasons why the three major operators spare no effort to develop 5G users. For 5G applications for individual users, apart from the 5G news promoted by the three major operators, there is no eye-catching application. The lack of personal applications has obviously limited the enthusiasm of users to experience 5G.

The three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom have simultaneously launched commercial 5G packages, which are generally very consistent. In addition to lowering the 5G package price on the basis of a 30% discount on the 5G package at the beginning of this year, the three major operators have recently launched a 5G package package for 30 yuan including 30GB of data. The purpose is to transfer users to 5G users If users can get more benefits, the operator’s goal can be achieved.

At present, as far as personal applications are concerned, what can be done on 5G mobile phones can basically be achieved on 4G mobile phones and 4G networks. It can be said that only after various applications of 5G individual users appear (which cannot be experienced on 4G networks) and the price of 5G packages is reduced to civilian prices, 5G will usher in explosive growth in the personal application market.