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59 South Korean died after flu vaccine

59 South Korean died after flu vaccine

by YCPress

Chinanews, October 26. According to Korean media reports, the Korean Disease Management Agency said on the 26th that as of 0:00 local time, a total of 59 people had died after being vaccinated.

Under this circumstance, the Korean Agency for Disease Control still stated that the correlation between death and vaccination was very low and decided to continue vaccination as planned.

In terms of age group, among South Korea’s deaths after receiving relevant vaccination, 26 were in their 70s and 80s, the largest number; 2 were in their 60s and 5 were under 60.

Due to the recent increase in the number of deaths after vaccination, the Department of Diseases convened a quick response meeting of the Vaccination Victim Investigation Team on the 25th to analyze the causes of death of 20 dead people.

The investigation team believes that no acute abnormal reaction occurred after vaccination among the 20 people. Except for minor abnormal reactions such as partial pain during vaccination, there were no other severe abnormal reactions.

The Vaccination Committee discussed the causes of death for the 26 deaths for the first time and concluded that the causal relationship between the cause of death and vaccination was very low. Therefore, the committee believes that this is not the time to re-examine specific vaccines or consider discontinuing the national vaccination program.

According to reports, 46 of the 59 deaths in South Korea have a low correlation with vaccination.

In addition, the Department of Diseases also decided to hold a victim investigation team meeting for the remaining 13 deceased under investigation to analyze their relevance.