Home Criminal 5 dead and 17 injured in terrorist attack in central Vienna Austria. suspect is a supporter of the terrorist organization “Islamic State”
5 dead and 17 injured in terrorist attack in central Vienna Austria. suspect is a supporter of the terrorist organization "Islamic State"

5 dead and 17 injured in terrorist attack in central Vienna Austria. suspect is a supporter of the terrorist organization “Islamic State”

by YCPress

On the evening of November 2, local time, an attack occurred in the center of Vienna, the Austrian capital, resulting in at least 5 deaths and 17 injuries including a suspect.

Witnesses said they heard multiple shots. The police immediately imposed a large-scale blockade of the city center, and arrests are still continuing. Local people are asked to avoid the area where the case occurred and stay at home. 

Vienna School closed for one day on the 3rd. Ambulance personnel from other Austrian states also rushed to Vienna to provide support after the incident.

According to the news updated by the Vienna police on the morning of the 3rd, a total of 6 locations were attacked that night, which resulted in the deaths of 4 passers-by and 1 suspect, including 2 men and 2 women.

Many of the 17 injured were dying, including one. Police officer. Another suspect was arrested after an exchange of fire with the police, and one or more suspects who were at large carried weapons including long-barreled firearms.

The death toll in the shooting incident in the Austrian capital Vienna rises to four
photo source: Austrian National Radio and Television

According to the Austrian Federal Minister of the Interior Nehammer revealed at a press conference on the 3rd that the suspect who was killed was a supporter of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” and his apartment had been bombed. 

The police have launched several searches in the vicinity of the suspect’s residence and arrested some people. He said the suspects who were still at large were “equipped with heavy weapons and are highly dangerous” and urged people not to go to public places and only provide clues to the police.

Austrian Chancellor Kurz strongly condemned the attack that night, stating that the police will firmly crack down on the “perpetrators of this vicious terrorist attack” and cannot rule out anti-Semitism motives for the time being. 

He said that Austria is going through an extremely difficult time: “But we will not bow to terrorism, but will take all means to fight it!” Prior to this, Kurz had held a crisis meeting to discuss the attack with Austrian President Van der Belen.

Vienna Mayor Ludwig and leaders of various parties made a phone call.

The Austrian attack also attracted great attention from the international community. German Chancellor Merkel, French President Macron, European Commission President Von der Lein and others all expressed their condemnation and support for Austria. 

In this regard, Van der Bellen expressed his gratitude on social media and emphasized that Austria will continue to do its best to defend freedom and democracy. He also extended his condolences to the victims of the attack and their relatives.

The Mayor of Vienna, Ludwig, called the shooting in the city center a “deeply shocking and terrible crime” and affirmed the close cooperation of all public departments, including police, fire and medical personnel, after the incident. 

He also revealed that the police are still investigating the news that the dead suspect was carrying explosives, urging the public not to believe and spread rumors, and to remain calm. 

The police also asked the public not to post photos or videos of the crime scene on social media, but to provide them to government departments. 

As the location was not far from a synagogue in the center of Vienna, there was initial news that it was an attack on the synagogue, but the relevant authorities could not confirm it and stated that further investigation was necessary.