Home Politics 28 Togoian peacekeepers were injured in an attack in Mali
28 Togoian peacekeepers were injured in an attack in Mali

28 Togoian peacekeepers were injured in an attack in Mali

by YCPress

February 11 Bamako News: Olivier Salgado, spokesman for the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), said on the 11th that a total of 28 Togolese peacekeepers were injured in the recent attack on MINUSMA.

Salgado said that a group of unidentified armed men launched an attack on the MINUSMA temporary military camp on the 10th.

One of them carried out a suicide car bomb attack, injuring 28 Togolese peacekeepers, five of whom were seriously injured.

He said that MINUSMA has established temporary military camps in the region, aiming to reduce violence against the local population, alleviate tribal conflicts, and eliminate the threat of improvised explosive devices.

The head of MINUSMA, Mohamed Saleh Anadif, strongly condemned the attack on peacekeepers on the 10th and said that he would ensure that the injured were treated.

It is reported that at about 7 local time on the 10th, the temporary military camp of MINUSMA in the Mopti district in central Mali was attacked by armed men.

The peacekeepers launched a counterattack to force the attackers to escape.

This is the third attack on MINUSMA peacekeepers this year.

On 13 and 15 January, two attacks against peacekeeping forces killed four and one peacekeeper, respectively.

In March 2012, a military coup took place in Mali. In April 2013, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution deciding to establish MINUSMA.

In May 2015, the Malian government signed the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement with some armed groups in the northern region. In June of the same year, the parties completed the final signing of the agreement.

However, the northern part of Mali has been in conflict in recent years, and there has been an increasing trend of armed attacks in the central region.