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At least 63 people in the United States are infected with mutant coronavirus.

250000 people died from Coronavirus and No changes in United States

by YCPress

Statistics from Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus pandemic show that as of November 19, Eastern Time, the cumulative number of deaths from Coronavirus in United States has exceeded 250,000, reaching 251,892, and a total of 11,667,719 confirmed cases. 

The United States is still the most severely affected country in the world, but the US media said that the deaths of 250,000 people did not change the US response to the pandemic.

Ordinary American: Family members die one after another, neighbors still refuse masks

According to the “Washington Post” report on the 18th, Gladys More of Lands County, Alabama, United States, suffered heavy losses this year. Since May of this year, her father, sister, aunt, and grandmother have died of Coronavirus. More has also been diagnosed with it. “This is the domino effect.”

Washington Post

So, Moore promoted the severity of the virus to others and told her family story. When she saw someone pulling off the mask at the grocery store, she would signal them to put on the mask. She also posted a sign on her door: “Due to the spread of the pandemic, please don’t come to my house, thank you.” But there are still people visiting without masks.

Moore believes that the people do not pay enough attention to the pandemic and will not make changes because of it.

Lands County is the county with the highest rate of Coronavirus infection in Alabama. Most local residents agree with President Trump’s view: Wearing a mask is a matter of personal choice, and the pandemic will soon pass.

The Washington Post commented that since the beginning of the pandemic, public health officials have hoped that the whole country will unite and fight the pandemic together, but profound political and cultural differences have led the United States to take a different path. 

Although close contact with the new coronavirus has indeed changed the attitude of some people, many Americans still stick to their original ideas and rarely make changes.

Why can’t the US Defeat COVID-19

Why can’t the US Defeat COVID-19 ? CNN reported on the 18th that in less than 10 months, the number of deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States was at least 10 times the number of deaths from car accidents in the whole year, and more than 5 times the average annual number of deaths from influenza. It is 1.8 times the number of stroke deaths per year.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the US media have never stopped analyzing the reasons for the failure of the country’s response to the pandemic. “Foreign Policy” magazine website issued an article on the 18th that with the raging second wave of the pandemic, the US government has basically surrendered to the pandemic: some politicians are firmly opposed to the lockdown measures taken to control the pandemic, and the White House pandemic Response Working Group has not been infected. Under the guidance of neuroradiologist Scott Atlas with medical background.


The article believes that, as shown by the successful experience of some Asian countries, the way to control the spread of the virus is to implement blockade measures and provide financial support to the private sector during the blockade. 

However, the United States has never implemented blockade measures. Even if the 43 states issued a “home order” in March and April, it is far less powerful than some countries.

In addition, the United States also failed in the subsequent stages. Centralized testing and tracing of close contacts is a necessary condition to stop the spread of the pandemic. The key is to establish a centralized and mandatory quarantine system, but the United States has not done so.

The article stated that the core reason for this systemic flaw in the United States is the government’s inability to do anything, and the obsession that disasters will only happen to others.