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24 people were killed in community conflict in central Chad

by YCPress

Yaoundé, December 13 N’Djamena news: Mohamed Ismail Shaib, the Minister of Administration of the Territory and Autonomous Region of Chad, confirmed on the 13th that community clashes caused by land disputes occurred in a village in Bata province in central China on the 12th, killing 24 people.

At present, Shaib is leading the government team to mediate the dispute and carry out a more in-depth investigation at the site of the incident.

According to Chadian media reports, the violent conflict has basically subsided, and law enforcement agencies have arrested several people and collected some weapons.

Community conflicts are not uncommon in Chad. At the end of November this year, clashes broke out between farmers and pastoralists in a village in the eastern Kebi River province in southern Chad, killing 22 people.

In August 2019, in order to curb the continuous community conflicts in the eastern provinces, the Chadian government declared a state of emergency in the relevant provinces.