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23 elderly people in Norway died after being vaccinated against Pfizer against the novel coronavirus

23 elderly people in Norway died after being vaccinated against Pfizer against the novel coronavirus

by YCPress

January 15 According to a report on Norway’s “NORWAY TODAY” website on January 14, the Norwegian Drug Administration said that there were 23 deaths related to the coronavirus vaccine of the United States Pfizer and BioNTech in Norway

all of which appeared in Among the elderly people over 80 years old with weak immunity.

A total of 23 vaccine-related deaths have been reported from Pfizer and BioNTech in the United States, Germany.

So far, 13 have been tested.

The Norwegian Drug Administration and the National Institute of Public Health jointly review death reports, while the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health has updated the guidelines for vaccination against the novel coronavirus

providing new requirements and recommendations for the immunization of elderly people who are weak.

Sigurd Hortemo, chief physician of the Norwegian Drug Administration, pointed out that the report showed that common side effects of mRNA (mesenger RNA)

vaccines (such as fever, nausea, etc.) may be the cause of the death of these infirm elderly.

“The risk of a vaccine is very small, and only in a few cases, especially for those who are in poor health

side effects may cause the elderly to get worse,” Siegard said during a webinar on the 14th of the coronavirus vaccine.

If you are weak, you should not be vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

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29 elderly people in Norway died after being vaccinated against Pfizer. Health institutions: It is at high risk to the elderly.

January 17 Recently, Norway announced that six more elderly people died after being vaccinated against Pfizer, raising the number of deaths after vaccination to 29.

According to Bloomberg on the 16th, the Norwegian Drug Administration said that Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine currently available in Norway, so all deaths after vaccination are related to this vaccine.

“13 of these deaths have been evaluated, and another 16 cases are being evaluated,” the agency said.

Its report pointed out that all reported deaths were related to older people with serious underlying diseases, and most of them had expected side effects after vaccination, such as nausea, vomiting, fever, etc., and the deterioration of potential conditions.

According to US media, this prompted Norway to propose that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine may be too risky to older people and terminally ill patients, which is also the most cautious statement made by health agencies in Europe so far.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, even relatively mild vaccine side effects can have serious consequences for those who are particularly weak.

For those with a short remaining lifespan, the benefits of the vaccine may be negligible or irrelevant.

In response, Pfizer said in an email statement that Pfizer and BioNTech are cooperating with Norwegian regulators to investigate the deaths in Norway.

Pfizer said that “the number of related incidents so far is not worrying and in line with the forecast.”

23 people died after being vaccinated against Pfizer. WHO: closely follow the progress of the investigation

A spokesman for the World Health Organization said on the 15th that the WHO will closely follow the progress of the Norwegian health department’s investigation after 23 people died after being vaccinated against the “Pfizer-Biological New Technology” coronavirus.

The vaccine was developed by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in the United States and the German company Biotechnology Company. It has been put into use in Europe such as Norway and other European countries since December 27 last year.

The Norwegian Drug Administration reported on January 14 that 23 people died within days of vaccination.

A WHO spokesman told the Russian satellite news agency in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 15th: “The Norwegian Drug Administration reported a preliminary assessment of 13 of the deaths on January 14th, and concluded that the death may be associated with the usually mild side effects of the vaccine.

Pfizer vaccine killed many people in Norway, and the performance of the American media is interesting.

Twenty-three old people in Norway died after being injected with Pfizer vaccine. The cause of death of 13 has been officially assessed and is believed to be a side effect of the vaccination. Norway is a small country in northern Europe.

At present, only 25,000 people have been vaccinated against Pfizer, and 23 deaths are a big number. However, it is surprising that the mainstream media in English did not report the matter in the first place as if it had been discussed, and major media organizations such as the United States and the United Kingdom were obviously deliberately downplaying the above-mentioned deaths.

In contrast, those big Western media will actively hype any adverse information about Chinese vaccines in the first place, trying to amplify their impact on public psychology.

For example, the data of China’s Kexing vaccine in Brazil are lower than expected and have been reported everywhere in Western media. The death of a Brazilian volunteer who participated in the experiment immediately became a major event in the Western media.

Later, it turned out that the death had nothing to do with vaccination, and the interest of Western media coverage was much lower.

The coronavirus vaccine is a serious scientific issue. The current epidemic is extremely critical. It is in the fundamental interest of all mankind to put more vaccines into the fight against the novel coronavirus.

However, mainstream media such as the United States and the United Kingdom took the lead in labeling the vaccine as invisible geopolitical, sprinkled political positions on relevant reports as pepper noodles, and promoted Pfizer vaccine through their propaganda strength and cracked down on Chinese-made vaccines.

Biden is vaccinated By Pfizer

In fact, the research and development of all coronavirus vaccines is relatively hasty. They should be tested by more trial samples and longer clinical verification before they can be fully put on the market.

But time is waiting for no one, and the epidemic is not waiting for people. They are pushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic much faster than normal.

If necessary, the inactivated vaccine launched by China must be more basic in safety than Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. Because inactivated vaccine technology is very mature, after decades of clinical testing, and the mRNA technology used in Pfizer vaccine is first applied to vaccines. T

his large-scale promotion of the vaccine is actually a continuous trial process on a large scale of human beings.

We believe that there is no better choice in the United States and some Western countries now. Mass vaccination of Pfizer is a must. Even if there are some risks, they would rather bear them.

As long as it can save most people’s lives, they will actually accept the advantages and disadvantages. Western mainstream media such as the United States and the United Kingdom turned a blind eye to the deaths of 23 vaccinators in Norway at the first place, which can be regarded as part of their “big picture”.

What we want to point out is the harsh double standards of Western media on vaccine issues and the unhealthy psychology behind this double standards.

In particular, we should spread the fact that the psychology of the mainstream media in the United States and the United Kingdom has been highly geopoliticized, and the double standards are not only allowed for them, but also politically correct.

They have nothing to say about competition with China, and they can do anything to attack China.

On the issue of coronavirus vaccine, Chinese society and the Chinese government put scientificity and objectivity first. When China’s vaccine data is insufficient, it is insufficient and listed.

However, if the “conditional” is given to the high-exposure population aged 18 to 59, the elderly will be given priority, and the elderly will take a slow time first. No senior Chinese official has come forward to open platforms for their own vaccines.

The good words about Chinese vaccines are basically from abroad. Several leaders of developing countries have taken the lead in in injecting vaccines based on their own data on the third phase of clinical trials of Chinese vaccines.

But the Pfizer vaccine is strongly promoted by the U.S. administration and capital.

Not only is the potential risk of the vaccine deliberately downplayed by Western public opinion, but those public opinion also creates the impression that the Pfizer vaccine that uses mRNA for the first time is safer than the Chinese vaccine that uses traditional technology.

Regrettably, Washington promoted the confrontation between the United States and China, forming the ideological right and wrongs around the confrontation by the United States and the public opinion of its main allies.

Where else makes sense? It’s right to suppress China. It’s not enough to be fair for China. This attitude has extended to the serious scientific and humanitarian fields that should be far away from politics.

The Chinese people need to face this increasingly harsh ideological confrontation whether they want or not. It is a choice that all of us must make to defend China’s national interests and support our own country in important games.

The public opinion forces of the United States and its allies have completely ignored industry ethics to weaken China’s competitiveness, and their attitude towards China is only geopolitical logic. Well, we won’t shrink back in the face of their attacks.