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2020 vivo Developer Conference: Create a new mobile ecology in the era of Internet of Things

2020 vivo Developer Conference: Create a new mobile ecology in the era of Internet of Things

by YCPress

November 20th – On the 19th, the “2020 vivo Developer Conference” was held in Shenzhen. In the morning’s main venue, vivo elaborated three strategic goals, such as “creating products and services that make consumers excited”, “creating a peer-to-neificial ecological cooperation platform” and “building a bridge between people and the digital world”, and explained in detail the next-generation OriginOS operating system based on Android.

In the afternoon branch venue, vivo reviewed the business progress of the past year from five directions, such as application services, game ecology, business cooperation, technology openness and IoT open ecology, and looked forward to the future development direction. Vivo puts forward a series of specific measures from three aspects: “developer empowerment”, “vivo platform and technical capacity” and “IoT ecological construction” to better connect users with the digital world.

Return to consumer demand and work with developers for a win-win situation

Entering the 5G era, the mobile Internet has opened up a wider space. Vivo proposes to build a personal information infrastructure for a comprehensive digital life in the 5G era from the needs of users. Therefore, vivo will provide all-round support for developers from four aspects: application and game distribution, content platform construction, traffic support and overseas. Comprehensive, efficient and innovative application services and commercial support are the prerequisites for vivo and developers to work together for a win-win situation.

Vivo provides all-round support for developers

In the game field, vivo puts forward innovative game needs, focuses on service upgrades, pursues commercial development, and explores win-win cooperation with the game industry. On the one hand, vivo will further open up the game platform, encourage developers to participate in content construction through independent content self-operation positions, optimized activity registration and recruitment rules, and improve the data system and optimize operation and management. On the other hand, vivo adheres to ultra-long-term operation and deeply participates in the optimization of the game. to encourage the output of high-quality games.

On the commercial landing, vivo has opened up the traffic of the main platform for ultra-casual games, and tried cross-border cooperation for popular games, creating more opportunities. In terms of overseas demand, in addition to assisting developers to accelerate overseas launch and manage application data, vivo has also created rich system scenarios, customized promotion plans and strategies to help developers improve the efficiency of advertising delivery; and through the V-Star plan, vivo has brought free streaming to developers. Volume support.

Open technology platform and support to lay the foundation for ecological win-win results

Open technical platforms and support are the basis for ecological win-win results. From the perspective of improving development efficiency and optimizing performance experience, vivo introduces the latest progress of Multi-Turbo open capabilities, VCAP computing acceleration platform and fast application development. More open and powerful technological empowerment will make the connection and communication between developers and users closer, and also make the connection between users and the digital world smoother.

Vivo open technology platform support

After a year of polishing, the Computing Acceleration Platform (VCAP) has ushered in a new upgrade. In the model layer, VCAP supports the model conversion of the mainstream training framework through a custom model format; in the tool layer, VCAP provides visual tools, improves quantitative compression tools, and adds toolsets for mobile deployment to help developers improve development and deployment efficiency; at the framework layer, VCAP upgrades internal The storage and reuse mechanism expands the end-side training ability to reduce memory consumption and provide personalized services. At the runtime layer, VCAP expands the support of algorithm structure, and has achieved breakthroughs in CPU quantitative acceleration, DSP self-developed parallel acceleration, NPU capacity integration and other aspects.

In addition, Multi-Turbo has also ushered in more technological openness: open the scheduling optimization of the underlying core resources to realize the acceleration of applications and games; the optimization of Wi-Fi and mobile network data to reduce network delay in the game process; open touch optimization, optimize touch delay and follow-up; Open the matching of high refresh rate and feedback on the status of the system to further improve the mobile and game experience.

“Fast Application” focuses on high efficiency and high performance. On the one hand, by continuously optimizing the IDE development tool experience and the fast application package management platform, it helps developers improve the development efficiency of fast applications; on the other hand, through the optimization of package body, interface efficiency, js execution performance and rendering efficiency, the performance optimization of fast application is achieved.

Create a smart, open and healthy IoT ecology

Ecological partners and developers are the two important pillars of vivo’s open ecology. At the conference, vivo released the brand upgrades of Jovi InLife and Jovi InCar, continuing to deepen the two major fields of smart life and smart car, and enhance users’ perception of the digital world.

Jovi InLife and Jovi InCar brand upgrade

Since the establishment of IoT Open Ecology Alliance two years ago, vivo has made rapid development in equipment brands, categories and equipment models. More than 40 core brands such as Midea, Gree and Hisense are connected. The online categories cover more than 95% of the core categories and support more than 1,800 SKUs of products. At the meeting, vivo proposed to further upgrade the IoT development platform, continuously optimize the platform access, automatic scanning and rapid distribution network, developer experience and other aspects, improve the connection and control ability with partners, and create a more convenient and intelligent smart life experience.

In terms of intelligent vehicle, vivo has been jointly built an open ecology of in-car and outwards since 2019, with portable car factories, Internet of Vehicles service providers and application developers. It has cooperated with Baidu, Yilian, Great Wall and other 30+ automotive brands in the aftermarket and 60+ automotive brands in the front, covering more than 100 automotive models in the aftermarket and 500+ front-load market car models. Vivo proposes to further open the five platform capabilities of the Internet of Vehicles, such as connection, entrance, product, data and operation, and do a good job in the compatibility of the screen-projection connection protocol of new cars and stock vehicles; open the mobile phone system capabilities to achieve inductive connection, Bluetooth key background protection, application background protection, and further optimize mobile phones and cars. Machine connection experience.

Opening up and empowerment are the keys to ecological win-win results. Vivo returns to the ecological original, strives to create open technical capabilities, application services and commercial capabilities, IoT platforms and vehicle networking platforms, supports and empowers developers to create better application experiences, and works with partners to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in a more open attitude, and jointly builds a mobile interconnection ecology, so that people and the digital world The connection is closer.