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2020 China-UAE Innovation Investment Conference held in Beijing

2020 China-UAE Innovation Investment Conference held in Beijing

by YCPress

On November 14, the 2020 China-UAE Innovation Investment Conference opened in Beijing. Nearly a hundred speakers from China and the UAE started discussions. Photo by Wang Enbo

Beijing, November 15 The “2020 China-UAE Innovation Investment Conference” jointly hosted by Abu Dhabi International Financial Center and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates opened in Beijing on the 14th. This conference is part of the “Abu Dhabi Fintech Festival”, the largest financial technology and innovation event in the Middle East. It was held for the first time in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, and Beijing, the capital of China.

UAE Ambassador to China Ali Zahiri pointed out in his opening speech that there is a strong cooperative relationship between UAE and China, as well as common values. In 2020, despite Coronavirus and the global economic downturn, trade, investment and infrastructure cooperation between the two countries will still maintain strong vitality, and cooperation in technology and artificial intelligence will also be strengthened. It is hoped that mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries can be fully developed in various fields.

UAE Minister of State and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi International Financial Center Ahmed Ali Sayah said that in the context of the raging COVID-19 pandemic, the governments and related agencies of China and UAE have cooperated more closely, and the two sides have jointly promoted the “Belt and Road” initiative. , To promote the economic and social development of the two countries, and have been steadily improving the regulatory environment of their respective markets, taking innovative measures to enhance their respective financial and innovation capabilities. The two sides cooperate in a wide range of areas and will contribute their respective strengths to building a more digital, sustainable and resilient future.

Many cities and regions in China have strong economic growth momentum and outstanding economic characteristics and advantages. In the keynote speech session, representatives from relevant cities and regions made recommendations.

Zhang Jinsong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, introduced Beijing’s measures for the opening up of the financial industry. “Beijing’s series of opening-up measures will build fast and direct cross-border funding channels for financial institutions to carry out global financial services and enterprises to obtain global innovative resources. Obstacles to cross-border capital flows are continuously eliminated, and the convenience of cross-border investment and financing is further improved. “Zhang Jinsong said.

Li Bo, Deputy Mayor of Chongqing Municipality, said in a video speech that after China and the UAE announced the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership, financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds in the UAE have increased their cooperation in the field of innovative investment and financing and bilateral industry and finance. Positive results. Chongqing will take this meeting as an opportunity to comprehensively strengthen exchanges and cooperation with relevant institutions and enterprises in the UAE and the Middle East and North Africa, and provide strong support for economic and trade cooperation between the two sides.

Chen Shouxin, Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Macau Special Administrative Region, said in a video speech that the global economic recession triggered by the epidemic has highlighted the urgency and importance of economic diversification. The Macao Special Administrative Region is committed to building a financial service platform covering China and the international market, especially the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and looks forward to more opportunities for cooperation with the UAE.

“Abu Dhabi has many successful experiences, which are worth learning from Hainan.” Shen Danyang, vice governor of Hainan Province, said in a video speech that he sincerely hopes to connect each other’s development strategies within the framework of the “Belt and Road” initiative and release the potential for deeper cooperation. .

According to reports, the three-day conference will focus on more than 20 topics including investment and financing, medical innovation, artificial intelligence empowerment, financial technology, and digital currency for the construction of the “Belt and Road” in the Middle East. Nearly a hundred speakers from China and the UAE will discuss.

Fu Chenggang, Chief Representative of China of Abu Dhabi International Financial Center and Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the Conference, introduced that while promoting investment in China, the conference will also use the UAE as a window to help Chinese companies and industries display competitive innovative products and services. The UAE and the Middle East and North Africa markets provide world-class solutions.