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14 bodies were found on the east coast of Venezuela, suspected of smuggling failed immigrants.

by YCPress

December 14th According to Reuters report on the 14th, the bodies of 14 migrants appeared on the eastern coast of Venezuela, who may have been killed during a sea trip to Trinidad and Tobago from northern Venezuelan cities.

On December 13th, local time, after Trinidad and Tobago confirmed the discovery of the first body, Venezuelan officials issued a statement saying that 14 people died on the way from Venezuelan cities to Trinidad and Tobago by sea.

The body was found near the eastern coast of Venezuela.

According to the official gazette, the bodies were found 7 nautical miles from the Venezuelan coastal town of Guiria. The original discovery of 11 bodies was on the afternoon of the 12th local time, and the remaining three bodies were found on the 13th. Before that, no one had voluntarily reported missing.

The statement also said that the Venezuelan government is investigating the matter and that they do not rule out that criminal groups are involved in the Guilla region.

Trinidad and Tobago’s announcement said that preliminary information showed that the relevant ship was estimated to leave on December 6 with more than 20 passengers on board, but lost information after departure.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard said that it had not intercepted any vessels from Gueria in the past week and is currently conducting a joint investigation with the Venezuelan government.

According to the report, some illegal Venezuelan immigrants are smuggled out to sea in a rickety and overloaded boat with limited food and fuel.

According to official Venezuelan government reports, at least two ships disappeared in the sea last year on their way to the islands near South America.