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12 years boy died of COVID-19 in United States

A 12 years boy died of COVID-19 in United States

by YCPress

12 years boy died of COVID-19 in United States

At present, the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States is still severe. The epidemic has caused tens of thousands of American families to die. In a family in New Mexico, five people have been infected with COVID-19. Recently, the family was very sad that the 12-year-old boy of the family died of death.

The 12-year-old boy’s name is Aidan. He was born with some congenital diseases, and his family loved him very much.

Edan’s sister Evelyn Wolf: My brother is the happiest child in the family.

On the day of Aidan’s death, his sister Evelyn accompanied him.

Eden’s sister Evelyn Wolf: They called my mother and said you had to come over. When we were about to leave, someone suddenly came and told us that bad things had happened. I went into my brother’s ward, took his hand and gave him a last ride.

Regarding how Aidan contracted the novel coronavirus, Evelyn said that it may be that their father accidentally contracted the virus when he was working out, and then transmitted the virus to his family.

Edan’s sister Evelyn Wolff: My father is a front-line worker. He will bring the virus home without knowing it like everyone else. There are children with fragile health. This really happens in anyone’s family. This is what we want everyone to know most. Father is completely unaware of himself. I have taken the virus home.

At present, Aidan’s father has been discharged from the hospital, but Aidan’s mother and two other families have also contracted the novel coronavirus and are still receiving treatment.