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1,194 new confirmed cases in Greece. Officials introduce the vaccination appointment method

by YCPress

December 13 According to a report by the Greek Times, on the 12th local time, the National Public Health Organization of Greece (EODY) announced that in the past 24 hours, there have been 1,194 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Greece, with a total of 123,842 confirmed cases; 68 new deaths, with a total of 3 deaths. 540 cases.

Recently, Zalifobros, Greece’s Minister of Digital Governance, said of the way to vaccinate the novel coronavirus in Greece: “We are about to determine the specific vaccination plan developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

We will inform the public mainly through digital means. Members of the public are also requested to activate the electronic prescription service to obtain relevant information.

Zalifobros mentioned that many citizens in Greece have activated the electronic prescription service, and they will receive text messages or emails with appointment information after vaccination work begins.

In addition, Greek citizens can also make appointments on the relevant website. The website will ask the age of the visitor, and the elderly will receive the relevant information first

At the same time, the Greek government will also provide non-digital appointment methods. Zalifobros stressed: “We have high coverage of mobile phones. We will provide non-digital appointments for other citizens.

We will deploy six warehouses throughout the country to support vaccination centers. We will be ready, please rest assured.

On the other hand, the Athens municipal government is trying to build a social service institution that provides mental health support for sensitive and vulnerable citizens, emphasizing with practical actions the importance of maintaining mental health to ensure the quality of life, especially in the difficult times of the epidemic.

Recent research has proved that the mental health situation of sensitive and vulnerable social groups has deteriorated rapidly due to the public health crisis and the downward economic pressure it brings.

A series of problems such as unemployment, school closures, and fear of infection with the virus have nurtured negative emotions such as anxiety, anxiety, confusion, etc., making life under the epidemic more difficult.

To this end, the city of Athens hopes to set up a social and mental health clinic, staffed by psychologists and psychologists.

After the appointment of people with relevant needs is successful, they can have face-to-face talks with psychotherapists in the clinic talk room, or receive mental health services by telephone or online.