Home Criminal 110 people were arrested and involved in 620 million yuan about 100 million USD.
110 people were arrested and involved in 620 million yuan about 100 million USD.

110 people were arrested and involved in 620 million yuan about 100 million USD.

by YCPress

China TV:

110 people were arrested and involved in 620 million yuan about 100 million USD. Xiamen – China police cracked down on a foreign-related money laundering criminal group.

On November 19 Xiamen police in Fujian reported a case. On October 22 this year, Xiamen police cracked down a criminal group linked with overseas gambling and fraud gangs, and arrested 110 criminal suspects, including 61 criminal detentions, involving a total amount of 100 million USD .

It is understood that in April this year, the Xiamen police, the Xiamen Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China and relevant financial institutions established a verification mechanism for the discovery and verification of unusually large-value cash withdrawal clues, from which a number of clues were found and carried out in-depth information research and judgment, and found a large amount of cash withdrawal “money laundering” criminal gangs.

Xiamen police immediately set up a special team to carry out investigations. After gradually clarifying the organizational structure of the group, the police tracked and found a number of agents of the fourth-party payment platform upstream, providing “money laundering” services for overseas gambling and fraud crimes.

In order to catch up the criminal group, the task force has sent a number of working groups to Quanzhou, Dizhou, Nanping, Zhengzhou and other places in Fujian to explore and formulate arrest plans.

On the morning of October 22, the time for arrest was ripe. Xiamen police organized more than 300 capable police forces to organize unified net collection operations in Xiamen, Chenzhou, Quanzhou, Nanping and Zhengzhou.

After five hours of intensive and orderly arrest work, the police successfully cracked down on the large-scale cash withdrawal “money laundering” criminal gang led by Lin Moukai (male, 31 years old, from Nanjing) and Wang Moujie (male, 30 years old from Longhai), and arrested 50 suspects.

At the same time, they smashed their “upstream” and Chen Mouzhen (male, 31 years old, Anxi people) and others led 7 criminal gangs on the four-party payment platform, arrested 60 suspects, and realized a full chain of crackdown on criminal groups.

During the operation, the police destroyed a total of 20 dens involved in the crime, seized more than 180 mobile phones, 23 computers, more than 330 bank cards, more than 5.3 million cash, 4 vehicles, seized more than 20 real estate units, and frozen more than 3,000 bank accounts, involving 620 million.

After investigation, the criminal gang of the four-party payment platform headed by Chen Mouzhen and others is the “middleman” of overseas fraud, gambling gangs and large-scale cash withdrawal gangs in China.

After washing the funds through the fourth-party payment platform, they distributed the cash withdrawal instructions to Lin Moukai, Wang Moujie and other cash withdrawal groups.

Lin Moukai and Wang Moujie then distributed the order to the backbone member Lin Mouming, etc.

The backbone members organized the cash withdrawal personnel to withdraw large amounts at the bank counter, and then handed over the bleached illegal funds to overseas gambling, fraud gangs and other online customers, from which high commissions were drawn.

At present, the suspects in this case have been taken coercive measures by the police in accordance with the law, including 61 criminal detentions, and the case is under further investigation.