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007 is Died

007 is Died ! Sean Connery died

by YCPress

007 is Died ! Sean Connery died, October 31. According to a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the 31st, the first James Bond (007) actor 1st 007 Sean Connery died today at age of 90.

Sean Connery is a British actor born on August 25, 1930. He became famous for acting James Bond in the first Bond film “Dr. 007 Connaught”, and was the first person to bring this role to the big screen. 

He has starred in 7 007 series movies and is the best Bond actor in the hearts of many audiences.

His acting career spans several decades and has won many awards, including one Oscar, two BAFTA awards known as the “British Oscars” and three Golden Globe Awards. 

Shaun’s other movies include “Iron Face Selflessness”, “The Hunt for the Red October”, “Stealing the Sky Trap” and so on.

In August 2020, Sean Connery just celebrated his 90th birthday. By the way he died peacefully in his sleep overnight on 31 October 2020 at home