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Yemeni Houthi armed speedboat attacked Saudi Arabia’s offshore oil facility, explosion caused fire

According to the news released by the Saudi Ministry of Energy in the early morning of the 13th local time, the Yemeni Houthis sent two unmanned speedboats carrying explosives to the coast of Jizan Province in southern Saudi Arabia on the night of the 12th to try to attack Saudi offshore oil facilities, despite the two speedboats.

All were destroyed, but the explosion triggered a fire on an offshore platform handling petroleum products. The Ministry of Energy has quickly brought the fire under control, and the incident caused no casualties.

The Saudi Ministry of Energy condemned the attack not only targeting Saudi targets, but also affecting the stability of Red Sea Shipping and the global energy market. 

According to reports from Saudi media, this is the second attempt by the Yemeni Houthi forces to attack targets in Saudi Arabia within 24 hours. Saudi-led multinational coalition spokesman Turki Maliki revealed on the evening of the 12th that Saudi air defense forces intercepted and destroyed 5 UAVs in Yemen’s airspace earlier in the day.

Maliki accused Yemen’s Houthi militants of attempting to use these explosive drones to attack civilian targets in Saudi Arabia, and said that the multinational coalition forces will continue to take measures against the Houthi militants’ air power. 

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