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Xi Jinping talked to French President Macron on the phone

Xi Jinping talked to French President Macron on the phone

Xi Jinping pointed out that the uncertainty of instability in today’s world is increasing, calling for more major powers to take responsibility.” Independence, mutual understanding, forward-looking, mutual benefit and win-win” is the original intention of China-France to establish diplomatic relations.

It is an important consensus between China and France to adhere to multilateralism, maintain the international system with the United Nations at its core, and maintain the international order based on international law.

We should keep our original aspiration in mind, adhere to consensus, take the steering wheel of stable Sino-French relations, strengthen exchanges, deepen cooperation, maintain close communication and coordination on major international and regional issues, and promote the greater development of bilateral relations.

Xi Jinping stressed that China is full of confidence in its own path, theory, system and culture, and also respects the development path independently chosen by people of all countries.

Countries with different social systems can respect each other, coexist peacefully and develop together. Under the new situation, the global and strategic nature of China-EU cooperation is more prominent.

No matter how the international situation changes, China is committed to unswervingly promoting the healthy and stable development of China-EU relations, and hopes that Europe will implement an active policy towards China.

The two sides should work together to accelerate the completion of the China-EU investment agreement negotiations, hold the China-EU high-level dialogue on environment and climate and the high-level dialogue in the digital field, and push China-EU relations to a new level.

Macron said that France and China have cooperated well in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, and exchanges and cooperation in various fields have been comprehensively promoted.

Adhering to the tradition of independence and independence, France attaches great importance to the development of relations with China, and is willing to continue its efforts with China to deepen Franco-China, Europe-China cooperation.

It is hoped that the negotiations on the EU-China investment agreement will achieve an early outcome. France appreciates China’s important contribution to the conclusion of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and its important role in vaccines and debt mitigation, especially the support provided to developing countries.

It hopes to continue to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China on major global and regional issues such as climate change, public health and cooperation with Africa.

I hope to visit China again in due course.

The two heads of state held discussions on the next stage of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, reached a number of important consensuses, and instructed their respective relevant departments to speed up the implementation of:

1. Welcome that the leaders of the legislative bodies of the two countries will attend the 11th meeting of the Sino-French parliamentary exchange mechanism by video for the first time.

2. carry out more cooperation in the fields of life medicine, biological breeding, lunar and Mars exploration, satellite research and development, etc.

3. Improve the level of customs inspection and quarantine cooperation through port hotline contact and other mechanisms to ensure the stability of the supply chain.

4. Overcoming the difficulties of the COVID-19 epidemic, accelerating technical consultations on the regional management of African swine fever, and strive to reach substantive results on cooperation agreements at an early date.

5. Take the opportunity of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the Olympic Games and the people, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

6. Welcome the entry into force of the Central European Geographical Indications Agreement in early 2021. Support tea, wine, cheese and other Chinese and French high-quality characteristic agricultural food products to enter each other’s thousands of households.

7. Actively participate in the “Cooperative Initiative to Accelerate the Research and Development, Production and Equitable Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine” and the “COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Plan”, increase assistance to developing countries, and make vaccines truly available and affordable public goods for people of all countries.

8. Jointly safeguard multilateralism, work together to address climate change, support the climate ambition summit on December 12 this year and the “One Planet” summit in January next year, and mobilize the international community to participate more actively in the fifteenth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the twentieth session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change next year. Six conferences of the parties and the seventh World Conservation Congress promoted positive results on the above-mentioned important international agenda.

The two sides also exchanged views on Iran’s nuclear and Antarctic marine protection and other issues.

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