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Xi Jinping and Argentine President Fernández exchanged letters

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Recently, President Xi Jinping and Argentine President Fernández exchanged letters, and the two sides exchanged views on further deepening bilateral relations and cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

Xi Jinping stressed that since Mr. President took office, we have talked to each other by phone and sent many letters to reach important consensus on deepening Sino-Argentine relations and strengthening cooperation in the fight against the epidemic.

The COVID-19 epidemic is a severe test for the whole world. In the face of the epidemic, the people of China and Argentine are in the same boat and watch and help each other. The traditional friendship between the two countries has been sublimated in the fight against the epidemic.

China is willing to strengthen cooperation with Argentine in the research and development and use of vaccines, and continue to provide support and assistance to the Argentine side within its ability to fight the epidemic.

China attaches great importance to the development of China-Argentine relations and is willing to work with Argentine to promote high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, and jointly lead the sustained and in-depth development of the China-Argentine comprehensive strategic partnership.

Fernandez spoke highly of the development of bilateral relations and China’s achievements in fighting the epidemic, and thanked China for its support to Albania in the fight against the epidemic.

Fernandez said that in the face of the impact of the epidemic, all countries should unite, respect and support each other, and are committed to building a community of human destiny proposed by President Xi Jinping.

China has completed the goal of poverty alleviation on schedule and made outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, which not only benefits the Chinese people, but also benefits all mankind. Both Argentine and China advocate multilateralism, support dialogue among countries, strengthen regional dialogue, and achieve harmonious development.”

The Belt and Road Initiative is conducive to deepening the interconnection and mutual understanding between the two countries. Albania is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in vaccine and other fields to promote the greater development of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Argentine and China.

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