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WTO report: Strengthening international cooperation is beneficial to digital innovation

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WTO report: Strengthening international cooperation is beneficial to digital innovation

The “World Trade Report 2020: Policies for Promoting Innovation in the Digital Age” released by the World Trade Organization on the 23rd pointed out that strengthening international cooperation will help improve the effectiveness of digital innovation policies. Limit the positive effects of policies.

According to the report, since the international financial crisis, about 115 countries and regions have formulated new industrial policies and digital development strategies to promote digital production and services by encouraging technological upgrading and innovation to support their transition to a digital economy.

The report said that, specifically, the innovation policy in the digital age involves encouraging digital-related technological innovation and knowledge sharing, formulating policies and regulations for online data, supporting digital infrastructure construction and related service acquisition, and solving the “winners in digital transformation”. Take all” and employment issues.

The report believes that international cooperation will help ease trade tensions and lay a more solid foundation for the prosperity of global innovation, investment and cross-border trade.

The report emphasizes that the WTO will continue to play an important role in reducing the uncertainty in the digital goods and services market. At present, the WTO has adopted the “Information Technology Agreement”, “Trade-Related Intellectual Property Agreement” and relevant provisions on trade subsidies to guide all parties to implement digital innovation policies within the framework of international rules. 

In the future, the formulation of international rules in digital-related fields such as data transmission, data localization and consumer protection will also be put on the agenda.

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